Lib Thinks He Got Away With Beating Trump Supporter, Woke To Nasty Surprise

Lib Thinks He Got Away With Beating Trump Supporter, Woke To Nasty Surprise
After a liberal rioter (left) beat Donald Trump supporter Sean Stiles (right) with a bike lock, the internet delivered a nasty surprise. (Photo source: Gateway Pundit)

As a protest escalated, a cowardly liberal thug donned a face mask and proceeded to brutally beat an unsuspecting Donald Trump supporter with a metal bike lock. However, just after he thought he had gotten away with his heinous crime, he woke up one morning to a perfectly nasty surprise.

As riots filled with destruction and physical violence erupt on college campuses, we see how liberal indoctrination has transformed higher education into an anti-free speech zone. Of course, millennials haven’t become unhinged, hyper-sensitive fascists on their own.

In fact, with the evidence that’s just surfaced, it’s clear that the left’s infiltration of classrooms is more serious than ever before. After Trump supporter Sean Stiles was bloodied and beaten at the University of Berkeley in California by a fascist demonstrator with a bicycle lock, police were unable to identify the masked attacker.

However, it only took a matter of days for the internet to hunt down the violent coward — and the results are more shocking than we expected. Just 4 days after outraged activists on /pol/, a message board hosted on 4Chan, began tracking down the masked thug, social media users worked together to identify the attacker as none other than Diablo Valley College philosophy professor Eric Clanton.

The Gateway Pundit reports that after internet users matched Clanton’s facial features up with the partially-masked attacker, they hacked into the professor’s Amazon account. That’s when they discovered that he had recently purchased 14 bike locks with one-day shipping.

Lib Thinks He Got Away With Beating Trump Supporter, Woke To Nasty Surprise
/pol/ users used facial recognition software to identify the attacker as Diablo Valley College professor Eric Clanton. (Photo source: Gateway Pundit)

Stiles is reportedly pressing charges against Clanton, which is all thanks to steadfast internet users who refused to allow a masked coward to get away with such tactics.

Immediately, social media users inundated Diablo Valley College President Ted Wieden with messages demanding Clanton be fired and an investigation into his conduct opened. Of course, activists are requesting that everyone do so in a professional manner.

Of course, social media users instantly took over Clanton’s Rate My Professors page to drop his rating significantly. However, his page was suspiciously set to “restricted” soon after and his rating was bumped back up to a 3.5 out of 5.

Likely terrified that half of the country is now searching his name, Clanton quickly deleted his San Francisco State University alumnus page and shut down his Twitter account.

As expected, internet users uncovered some bizarre findings in Clanton’s personal profiles, including a cringe-worthy OkCupid account under the name “Philosoriot.”

The profile reads, “I teach and learn for a living. In my off-time I find ways to unteach and learn.”

The “I spend a lot of time thinking about…” section simply reads “REVOLUTION.”

The profile also identifies him as “gender nonconforming, non-binary” and “demisexual, sapiosexual.”

Although this type of violence by liberal professors against conservatives is shocking, students are subjected to other forms of intimidation and silencing on college campuses. In March 2017, conservative Rollins College student Marshall Polston was expelled for challenging his Muslim Humanities professor Areej Zufari. After defending his Christian beliefs from Zufari’s bigoted claims, Polston was suspended for making the campus “unsafe.”

Zufari later filed a false police report that claimed Polston was stalking her. However, when Polston provided the media with CCTV footage of himself over an hour away from Zufari when she claimed he was at her office, she dropped the charges. Zufari eventually resigned and Polston was reinstated thanks to nationwide outrage over her behavior at the school and terrorist criminal history.

Thanks to the liberal atmosphere created on college campuses, freedom and diversity are becoming scarce. Fear of educational and even physical retaliation cause conservative students to choose between their education or values on a daily basis. Protesters who attempt to silence the opposition through intimidation, protests, or physical violence should be arrested for infringing upon the constitutional rights of others.

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