Lib Brat Demands BLM Credit Card, Gets SLAPPED With What She Deserves

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An entitled brat wanted to express her anti-cop views daily, so she demanded her bank create a Black Lives Matter credit card for her. Unfortunately for her, things wouldn’t exactly go according to plan – and that’s about the time she got slapped with what she deserves, instead of getting her way.

Rachel Nash is a High School teacher from Baltimore, Maryland, and she’s making waves after demanding that her bank, Wells Fargo, make her a custom credit card. However, it’s not so much the desire for a custom credit card that has people in an uproar, since the company does that for all its customers, but rather the Black Lives Matter logo that she wanted to be printed across the front.

Featuring a raised fist meant to depict “black pride” – which has most recently turned into a symbol of racial supremacy – Nash also wanted three words across the front: “Black Lives Matter.” However, you can imagine her surprise when she heard back from the company, saying that they wouldn’t allow it.

Lib Brat Demands BLM Credit Card, Gets SLAPPED With Instant Karma Instead
The card created by Rachel Nash (Source: The Washington Post)

Just like that, the woman was slapped with what she deserved; a big fat no, instead of getting her way – but she wasn’t about to give up. Calling the bank’s customer service line, the entitled brat then demanded they give her an explanation on why her card was denied.

She recalled the response: “As soon as I said ‘Black Lives Matter,’ [the customer service agent] said, ‘Oh, that’s why it got rejected.’ She said Wells Fargo ‘didn’t want to be associated with any antisocial or offensive organizations.'”

Stunned, Nash repeated the words to make sure she had heard correctly and asked for further explanation.

“She said that if ‘Black Lives Matter’ were on my card, it might offend people,” Nash said. She eventually reached a supervisor who repeated the original reasoning that it was “offensive and antisocial.”

“When I disagreed, she said, ‘Oh, it’s political,’” Nash said. [Source: The Washington Post]

Of course, the woman only went on to complain from there, saying the bank was refusing to let her express her First Amendment rights – but the decision actually goes way beyond that. “The purpose of our Card Design Studio service is to give customers the opportunity to personalize their cards, and its guidelines aim to preserve the political neutrality of our products,” Wells Fargo said in a later statement. “Wells Fargo respects individuals’ right to their opinions and causes, and when Wells Fargo rejects or approves an image, that’s not a reflection of Wells Fargo’s rejection or endorsement of the customer’s political view or cause.”

Lib Brat Demands BLM Credit Card, Gets SLAPPED With Instant Karma Instead
Rachel Nash (Source: Facebook)

When it comes down to it, the bank simply chooses to “err on the side of caution as to what is considered political” – and this certainly fit the bill. Although clueless idiots like Nash don’t understand why it would be viewed as political, it’s clear to the rest of the world why it is.

When you bash down the door of an event like a Donald Trump rally with the sole purpose of disrupting it, well, you cross the line into politics, don’t you? The fact of the matter is, Black Lives Matter is a disgusting organization that needs to be viewed the same way it would be if it were assembled of any other race.

Cover up your true intent all you want, but much of the world can see that BLM is nothing more than a racist organization, trying to replace the so-called “supremacist” society they claim to fight against. No one is buying their crap – least of all Wells Fargo.