Lib Teacher Wears Black Lives Matter Pin — His Own Students Take Action

Lib Teacher Wears Black Lives Matter Pin — His Own Students Take Action
After David Roberts, 75, showed his high school class that he supports Black Lives Matter, they decided to show him how they feel about the anti-cop movement.

A liberal teacher at a California high school decided to showcase his support for the violent and racially divisive radical group Black Lives Matter. Pinning a “Black Lives Matter” button to his shirt, he strolled into the school, spewing his leftist agenda. However, just one day after his political stunt, he received justice from the most unlikely source — his own students.

Future generations are being heavily indoctrinated with the intolerant, hateful, politically correct propaganda that has turned many schools and colleges into safe spaces, where freedom of speech and even thought are hate crimes. Fickle feelings are held over fact, and freedom is thwarted by emotionally-driven snowflakes who are mentally unable to accept that anyone could think differently.

Incredibly, every now and then, we see a glimmer of hope among the millennial snowflakes that makes us believe that countless service members haven’t died in vain. Even more miraculous is that it just happened in the heart of liberal America.

When California educator David Roberts agreed to fill in as a substitute at Clovis West High School in Fresno, he expected that his leftist propaganda would be lauded by the entire class. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize that he was approaching an actual diverse group of students and not the liberal definition of diversity that applies to color but not beliefs.

According to The Fresno Bee, 75-year-old Roberts walked into the high school classroom on November 8 with a “Black Lives Matter” button pinned on his shirt. Unbeknownst to him, not every California student is an anti-cop, white-hating leftist.

Just one day after he sported the left-wing propaganda, the Clovis Unified School District told Roberts, who has subbed for 15 years, that he will no longer be teaching at the district because he was pushing a “political” message. The school added that it was not the faculty or staff who had brought it to their attention but his own students who reported his biased behavior.

“I was informed by an instructional assistant that the substitute teacher was wearing a political button and that some students were offended, and he wasn’t following the lesson plan,” said the report submitted to human resources by Clovis West Deputy Principal Tony LeFore, Gabe Calderon – the teacher Roberts was filling in for – and school secretary Dawni Peisch.

Lib Teacher Wears Black Lives Matter Pin — His Own Students Take Action
Roberts was promptly fired from the Clovis Unified School District.

Not only was Roberts more concerned with brainwashing teens into accepting his liberal beliefs, he was neglecting the schoolwork he was hired to teach. The school immediately identified this as a blatant attempt to use his influential position as a platform for his own political agenda. Of course, Roberts played the victim, trivializing the significance of the lawless BLM movement.

“They said it was a violation of their policy of being neutral regarding political issues, but I don’t consider it a political statement. It is a moral statement,” Roberts said. “I was very surprised because I didn’t think it was a violation of anything.”

Roberts whined that his button “is not a political button” but “a peaceful request to end this violence” — just not the violence perpetuated by the BLM activists. He then ironically added that the message “is not intended to be anti-police,” although the BLM protestors strictly demonstrate after police officers kill blacks but never following the 91 percent who are killed by other blacks. In fact, if you ask any BLM activist why they don’t riot over the innocent black children gunned down by black thugs, they’ll admit that it’s “not what Black Lives Matter is about.”

Still, Roberts cluelessly clung to the notion that all the students think like him, adding that he only wore the button to show them he understands their alleged plight.

“That’s why I was doing it — to show solidarity to the kids,” Roberts said. “They really appreciated it. They understand it.”

However, Roberts doesn’t stand with the students, at least not all of them. That’s why several were outraged at his display instead of “appreciating” it like he claims. I can’t imagine any students who have parents, siblings, cousins, or friends in law enforcement who would consider Roberts’ move to be standing in solidarity with them, especially those children who’ve lost loved ones thanks to this violent movement.

This isn’t the first time Roberts has been in trouble for pushing his brain-dead political agenda. In 2012, BCNN 2 reports that he was banned from Buchanan High after students reported that he was teaching anti-capitalism lessons in an advanced world history class — the same capitalism that allows him to be paid so well instead of standing in lengthy bread lines.

Liberal shills like Roberts are a dime a dozen, but it’s truly refreshing to see students a fraction of his age standing against this propaganda. Undoubtedly, it restores our faith that we’re not handing down the greatest, freest, most prosperous nation on earth entirely to youths with pipe-dream ideals that sound good on paper but have failed time and time again in the real world.

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