Liberal Blames Trump Win For Drunk Driving Crash, Officer Has Perfect Reply

Liberal Blames Trump Win For Drunk Driving Crash, Officer Has Perfect Reply
When officers heard Elizabeth Lundberg blame Donald Trump’s election victory for her drunk driving collision, officers had just one thing to say.

When a police officer arrived on the scene of a car collision, the woman who caused the accident just happened to be a Hillary Clinton supporter who told him that she was “upset over the outcome of the election” and that he should just let her go. However, as soon as the officer realized he was dealing with an entitled liberal snowflake, he had just one thing to say to her.

Minnesota police thought they had heard every excuse in the book when they responded to what they assumed would be a typical fender bender in Lino Lakes. However, they were about to hear a driver’s justification for excessive drinking and reckless driving that was so bizarre and frankly absurd that they just had to share the conversation on social media.

Elizabeth Lundberg was so distraught that Donald Trump won the election last Tuesday that she responded exactly how Hillary Clinton did the night she found out she missed her chance at the White House — she got drunk as a skunk. Although the distressed woman has had more than a week to cope with the thought of an essentially rigged election backfiring, she just can’t grasp the reality that America didn’t want another Clinton presidency.

Around 5:15 p.m., Lundberg plowed into a vehicle in front of her at a “pretty high speed,” causing a 3-car pile up on Lake Drive and Main Street, according to KMSP. With bloodshot eyes, reeking of alcohol, and battling through slurred speech, Lundberg gave responding officers an excuse that left them dumbstruck. “I am upset over the outcome of the election and you should let me go home,” she whined.

The officers were so taken aback by the sheer level of stupidity and entitlement expressed by this female leftist that they responded the only way that made sense — they slapped the cuffs on her, hauled her privileged tail off to the county jail, and laughed about it on social media. Ironically, the now-33-year-old woman celebrated her birthday in the Anoka County jail.

Once back at the Lino Lakes Police Department, Lundberg was so intoxicated that she couldn’t even properly blow into the breathalyzer. She lost her balance, grabbed the machine on her way down, and broke it. After being transferred to the Centennial Lakes Police Department for another test, they concluded that her alcohol content was .33, a whopping 4 times the legal limit.

Now that Lundberg is sober again, her pride and privilege have been restored. According to the StarTribune, she explained that she was only joking about her excuse and claims that she “did not shed a tear when [Trump] was elected.”

“Well, after I asked if everyone was OK, and I said it sarcastically. It was such a fleeting comment,” Lundberg alleged. “I did not shed a tear when he was elected,” she added. “I’m not really into politics, frankly. I think it’s strange that a police department can tweet something someone said that is so outlandish.”

What’s really “outlandish” is that Lundberg said that she only had a “couple of beers” and didn’t even feel a buzz. Of course, like her innocent and naive act, this was quickly debunked after police found an empty vodka bottle in Lundberg’s liquor-soaked purse.

Lundberg’s irresponsible behavior and entitled attitude is nothing more than the liberal belief that someone else is always to blame for their emotions and dangerous juvenile response. Instead of sucking up their pride and accepting the outcome of a national election like the tolerant, open-minded activists they claim to be, they wreak havoc on innocent civilians.

Hopefully, a little time in jail has given Lundberg a new perspective — one that doesn’t place her and her hormones at the center of the universe.

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