Liberal Celebrities Lose It, Scold Trump Voters & Beg Congress In New Video

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Liberal celebrities are losing it, and they are increasing their hatred for Donald Trump. In a new video, the multi-millionaires resort to scolding those who voted for Trump while making pleas to anyone who will listen, literally begging someone in Congress to come and save them.

The video is downright funny, to be honest. Nothing is more laughable than watching spoiled, wealthy celebrities resort to begging on bended knee like petulant children. They “demand” that Congress vigorously oppose Donald Trump as president.

The video, which is called Stand Up For Us (#StandUpForUs), features unimportant celebrities with washed up careers, some that are D-list at best, and a few activists. They include Rosie Perez, Keegan-Michael Key, Tavi Gevinson, Lea Delaria, Sally Field, and Janet Mock. These celebrities speak to members of Congress directly, after scolding Trump voters, demanding congressmen fight Trump’s administration because they are scared of what hasn’t happened yet.

If you really wish to suffer through this video, feel free to watch it below. It is humorous, though, to watch these rich people grovel and beg like servants.

Luckily, several Twitters users were ready to put these out of touch rich liberals in their place.

Videos like this, which begin with a scolding of those who dared to cast a vote for Donald Trump over the corrupt and criminal Hillary Clinton, are part of the reason normal, everyday, hardworking Americans have little to no respect for celebrities anymore. However, this tweet breaks it down perfectly for the loser celebs who have nothing better to do than take time from their flailing careers to demean Americans and beg the government to save them:

It’s actually kind of great that Hollywood is this upset because we keep getting these comedy videos where they act like slaves begging their master for extra scraps. This is what the rest of us hear: “Please, Congress. Help us. We are begging you. We hate Trump and you should you too.” Instead of actually just living their lives and doing good with their time and money, the overly sensitive celebrities continue to mock those who voted for Trump. You know, the same people who probably watch their TV shows and movies and are responsible for the money they make.

Keep it up, Hollywood. Isolation of the working class is not in a celebrity’s best interest. Most Americans already understand how out of touch with reality leftist liberals are — and celebrities are far worse.

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