Liberal CEO Ambushes Trump In Davos, Gets WRECKED As Trump Leans Back & Utters 2 Words

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Everywhere President Donald Trump goes these days, he’s forced to deal with obnoxious liberals begging to be relevant. Take, for instance, the liberal CEO who ambushed the leader of the free world in Davos, Switzerland — too bad for him, he immediately got wrecked as the president leaned back and uttered two words that were classic Trump.

Liberal CEO Ambushes Trump At DAVOS, Gets WRECKED As Trump Leans Back & Utters 2 Words
President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

A full year in, it’s starting to look like the left is slowly coming to terms with the fact that Donald Trump is President of the United States and that he’s not going anywhere. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll pass up an opportunity to embarrass or humiliate him if they can.

Although their whole “Russia” thing isn’t working out, that doesn’t mean they won’t be on the prowl to find some other fictitious claim in hopes of getting President Trump impeached. In the end, liberals have exposed themselves to be very petty — a reality that doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

In fact, the CEO of the left-leaning news outlet Business Insider, Henry Blodget, decided to prove just that by ambushing President Donald Trump, as The Daily Caller reports. For those unaware, the president, along with several other world leaders, billionaires, and chief executives came together to talk about a variety of economic issues at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Although the idea is to “improve the state of the world,” as many discussions attempt to achieve this in one way or another, it seems that one thing at the event is preventing some from working toward that dream — President Donald Trump. In fact, a few idiots wouldn’t mind burning down his world and have even already attempted doing so at this point.

As previously noted, Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget was at the event, where he approached Trump, likely hoping to get himself a soundbite that would go viral. Too bad for him, things blew up in his face just about as quickly as he issued his “gotcha question” for the president.

Heard screaming above everyone else in the room as Trump walked by, a desperate Blodget asked the president, “Is America great?” Rather than go into a long drawn out response, proving that America is once again on the right track, Trump kept his answer short by saying, “America’s great” — but things only got better from there.

Hoping to back Trump into a corner, Blodget came through with a follow-up question, asking, “Is everybody else great?” You see, Blodget wanted one of a few different things to happen. If Trump didn’t answer, it would suggest that he only cares about America and they’d try to paint him as the man who told the rest of the world to piss off.

Of course, if the president suggested that other countries weren’t as “great” as America, well, you’d probably have a similar outcome. Even worse yet for Trump, the political ramifications at an international level could be astronomical, considering how simple and short the question was — but Trump isn’t a fool.

For some reason, idiots like Blodget haven’t figured this out yet, but the CEO would get positively wrecked as Trump leaned back and uttered 2 words that shut him up for good. “Everyone’s great,” Trump said while raising his hand to project his voice.

Just like that, Trump easily sidestepped the mine the liberal CEO put out there in hopes of watching the president blow his own leg off. When it comes down to it, Blodget’s attempt was actually rather genius. By masking what could be the next “bombshell story,” that Trump hates the world, in such a simple question that appears harmless, well, you can see why others could have easily taken the bait. But, while Blodget was pretty clever, President Donald Trump outdoes him.

Trump has been walking circles around the media from day one and continues to do so today. You’d think they’d be tired of embarrassing themselves, but that’s clearly not the issue. These attacks will never stop because the reward, at least for them, is too great should such an attempt pan out. Too bad for them, they better get used to losing because that’s all they’ve been doing these days — and, at this point, they’re getting pretty good at it.