Liberal Church Houses Muslim Refugees, Horrified By What They Find In Pews

Liberal Church Houses Muslim Refugees, Horrified By What They Find In Pews
When the Church of the Holy Trinity welcomed in Muslim migrants with loving arms, they had no idea their hospitality would be repaid in the sickest ways.

A leftist Christian church decided to show their community that they must open borders by taking in Muslim refugees and letting them live in the church building. However, as soon as they opened their doors, they were forced to call the police when they discovered the sickening thing asylum seekers left for them in the church pews.

Update: When Mad World News covered the initial reports on December 7, 2016, the sources confirmed that the church had taken in migrants who had desecrated the property. On December 8, 2016, the initial report and a subsequent report were both updated to read “newcomers” as the culprits. Current reports have removed any reference concerning the nationalities of the suspects. Additionally, Swedes have refuted that these suspects are native Swedes, leading many to believe that media censorship has played a role in the update.

The West is trapped in a vicious circle of embracing migrants, being abused by said migrants, and blaming the victims for provoking their wrath. The same tolerance and acceptance is not only never returned, but the gracious hosts find that their hospitality is exploited until all resources are finally wrung dry.

The asylum seekers who the left claims are desperately fleeing war zones for a better life are perpetuating the same violence, misogyny, and oppression rampant in their own countries. Unfortunately, it often takes their progressive praisers falling victim to this terror to realize that not all cultures, laws, and religions are created equally.

Fria Tider reports that when the Church of the Holy Trinity in Kristianstad, Sweden embraced a group of Muslim asylum seekers, they were shocked to find that the Islamists took advantage of their generosity in the sickest ways. After housing the refugees, who are mostly men between the ages of 35 and 45, the congregants walked in to discover that the Muslims they gave food, shelter, and love were not only destroying the church property but were relentlessly urinating, defecating, and masturbating in the pews.

“He was lying in the pew and masturbating,” church administrator Bengt Alvland said of one migrant. “He did not stop despite the fact that a female police officer asked him to. There are no limits or inhibitions for these people. It makes the staff greatly concerned.”

Aside from leaving their offensive bodily fluids everywhere, the migrants scream Islamic chants and smash liquor bottles on the floor in an attempt to silence Christian worshippers from praying to God. They also climbed up the massive church organ and tried to steal silver instruments used during services. In one instance, a migrant even tried to kidnap a child from a baptism ceremony right in front of the mother and priest.

Liberal Church Houses Muslim Refugees, Horrified By What They Find In Pews
Muslim refugees have taken over the church, paying back their Christian hosts by defecating and masturbating in the pews, stealing the church’s silver, and attempting to kidnap a child from a baptism.

The church is constantly littered with liquor bottles, bloody drug needs, and other trash. Officials have also witnessed brawls and threats of violence, according to Kristianstadsbladet. The refugees continue to inflict the most disrespectful behavior, expressing their belief that Islam is superior to all other religions.

After ignorantly welcoming in the Muslim migrants, the church is now pleading with the government to send them full-time security guards to prevent the asylum seekers from further desecrating their building.

Now, services attendance is dwindling and patrons are unwilling to hold their weddings, christenings, and baptisms in the once prestigious church because they are too afraid of the racist, bigoted migrants.

While Christians are notorious for allowing their peaceful beliefs to be overrun by intolerant crowds who see their Christ-like disposition as a weakness, we know exactly what would happen if a group of non-Muslims used a mosque in such a way. Although mosques are well-known for keeping filthy kuffars out of their lavish buildings, if Christians defecated on prayer mats, heads would undoubtedly roll.

Of course, no mosque is taking in Christian refugees, who are the prime targets of devout Muslims who understand that when Allah commanded them to slaughter the “people of the book,” he meant it literally.

The same tolerance and love leftists are screeching at us to extend is never expected from the migrants who illegally cross into our countries, live off our benefits, and demand adherence to their religion and values. Instead, liberals excuse migrant violence and oppression by arguing that they are provoked by our own values.

While some really are peaceful refugees escaping the torments of war, most are Muslims who are attempting to spread Sharia law. They are required to obey it, commanded to spread it, and encouraged to enforce it in the most barbaric ways.

For leftists to expect that the adherents of an ideology that oppresses religious minorities and exacts savage punishments for failing to obey their religious laws is evident of their ignorance. Nowhere does the Quran teach Muslims to be peaceful or tolerant to anyone but other practicing Muslims. In fact, for the rest of us, there is only death if we chose not to submit to Islam. Still, leftists ironically believe that Christians are the intolerant ones.

When churches open their doors to the heathen religion of Islam, they are inviting in the very ideology that commands their death for not bowing down to their false god.

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