Liberal Comedian Gets Robbed At Gunpoint In D.C., You Won’t Believe What He’s Saying Now

Most people don’t understand the danger that is around them. Scratch that, most liberals don’t understand the danger that is around them. They lecture law-abiding citizens over their rights. Meanwhile, they fight to protect and defend criminals. One of those liberals, comedian Tim Young, was confronted with the realities of crime when he was robbed at gunpoint. Now, it’s making him sing a different tune.

Political comedian Tim Young was robbed at gunpoint in Washington, D.C. (Photo Credit: Tim Young/Facebook/Peter Anderson/Flickr)

We often say that the only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. For many, that means well-trained police officers that protect our communities. However, cops can’t be everywhere. And, even the best of them might not be around the corner when you’re in trouble. What do you do when you or your family is faced with life-threatening danger?

That’s just what Tim Young discovered when he was walking the streets of Washington, D.C. It wasn’t late, only 7:45 at night. He was simply on his way to grab a coffee. That’s when two armed men confronted him. They stole his cell phone, pushed him around, and ran off. Of course, there were people watching, only a few feet away.

The incident could have gone much worse. Unarmed and defenseless, Young had no way of stopping these thugs. They could have taken all his money — and his life. There weren’t any cops around to stop them. The terrible event has opened Young’s eyes. Now, he’s changed his opinion on gun ownership. He’s even interested in acquiring a concealed carry permit.

Comedian Tim Young was robbed at gunpoint in Washington, DC, on January 17 and he emerged from the incident determined to get a concealed carry permit so he does not have to feel such defenselessness again. Young was robbed on M Street around 7:45 p.m. The suspects made off with his cell phone.

The next day he tweeted:

WUSA9 reports that Young grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and, until being robbed in D.C., never saw the need to get a gun, much less carry one. He indicated that “he’s been in some bad places in his life and nothing happened to him [in those places] … [so] he assumed things would continue to go that way.” [Source: Breitbart]

I can already see my gun-carrying friends shaking their head at that last statement. You know that anything can happen, especially on the streets of Washington, D.C. The reason we fight for our Second Amendment rights, and especially concealed carry, is because we know that there are bad people in the world. Just because we were safe in the past, doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

Street smarts and staying aware of your surroundings are a part of keeping safe. But, sometimes, things can go bad very fast. We might not see those crooks lurking in the corner. I’m sure Tim Young wasn’t cutting through a dark alley that fateful night. He was probably walking down the same street he’s used day after day. Except for, this time, a few scum bags were waiting.

Now, he said he absolutely plans to apply for a concealed carry permit in D.C., but it won’t be easy. The District is one of the toughest places in the country to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

“When you’re in an instance where there’s a gun is pointed at you and your life is being threatened for your property and no one’s going to help—and now I know that no one’s going to help—I want to feel more secure. I want to feel safe, and I have something to defend myself with,” he said.

When asked how the situation would have went differently if he had a gun, Young told Bruce Johnson on ‘Off Script’ that he probably would have pulled it out to defend himself. [Source: WUSA9]

The sad reality is that there might not be someone there to help you. Owning and operating a firearm is your Constitutional right. It empowers you in a way few other things can. It enables anyone, be they a man or woman, to defend themselves from monsters who mean them harm.

This event opened Young’s eyes. Like in so many other cases, he admits that liberals are opposed to it because they never face the reality of what could happen. “I think a lot of those people who are opposed to having a conceal carry permit and being able to own a weapon have never had one pointed directly at them when they have nothing on them,” Tim Young said, according to WUSA9.

Once again, conservative views are vindicated by the real world. Be sure to share this story with your gun-control friends and coworkers. Perhaps they will follow Young’s example.

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