Liberal Feminist Offers Depraved ‘Favor’ For Anyone Who Assaults MAGA Teens

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The huge story continuing to make headlines is the incident that took place over the weekend between a Native American activist and several young teens from Covington Catholic High School. After more video evidence surfaced, liberals are eating crow after jumping to conclusions about who was at fault. If it wasn’t enough that rabid liberals are now calling for these teens to be killed, now a feminist is joining the insanity, and she’s offering a certain “favor” for anyone who carries out an assault on the teens.

Sarah Beattie and Nick Sandmann (Photo Credit: Twitter/ Sarah BeattieTwitter/Jack Morrissey)

On a daily basis, liberals are showing us the unbelievable extent they’ll go to in order to oppose President Donald Trump. But what’s even more shocking is how they’ll target Trump’s supporters too, where we’re constantly hearing about people getting the crap beat out of them simply for wearing a MAGA hat.

So it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the latest target of their rage would be the Catholic teens, as these kids fit their stereotype of the “white privileged male Trump supporter” that liberals are always hating on.

Shortly after the shocking news broke that leftist celebrities were calling for these teens to be put in a woodchipper, burned alive, and sexually assaulted, vulgar liberal feminist Sarah Beattie decided to up the depravity just a bit, where she’s now offering oral sex to anyone who assaults the high schooler who faced off with the Native American activist.

In a now-deleted tweet, she blasted out: “I will blow whoever managed to punch that MAGA kid in the face.”

A writer for “Saturday Night Live” on Monday offered oral sex to anyone who would assault a high schooler who recently faced-off with a Native American activist in a viral video.

Sarah Beattie, a vulgar feminist comedian and Twitter activist, declared in a since-deleted tweet: “I will blow whoever managed to punch that maga kid in the face.”

She was among a number of liberals who called for violence, jokingly or not, against Nick Sandmann, a student at Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky.

Many others, including prominent journalists and celebrities, also expressed disdain for the boy and his classmates. Their outrage was based largely on a video posted online Friday of him smiling as the protestor, Nathan Phillips, beat a drum and chanted in his face during a run-in between competing demonstrations Thursday in Washington, DC.

The main triggers seemed to be Sandmann’s “smirk” and “Make America Great” cap, which were enough for him to be widely decried as a poster boy for bigotry in President Donald Trump’s America. [Source: Pluralist]

Hours after the original video of the incident between the teen and the Native American began spreading like wildfire across the internet, additional videos began to emerge which dramatically changed the narrative the liberal media was pushing.

Sandmann and his fellow students were not acting like a mob or harassing Philips at all, but rather, Philips was the one who initiated the entire confrontations. Despite the new evidence that revealed Sandmann’s innocence shortly afterward, liberals didn’t seem to care at all, as many took to Twitter calling for violence.

Most of the tweets were removed by Monday morning, as we previously reported, but it was too late for these liberals to cover their tracks. Screenshots of their calls for violence were captured and preserved for everyone to see. Anna Merlan, a journalist who ironically specializes in crime, was quick to delete her tweet, swearing that the message had nothing to do with doxing the teens.

Another lovely liberal then suggested that the teen be punched in the private area. The fixation on the location where they’re being punched makes this sound like a possible sexual assault.

Hollywood producer Jack Morrissey decided to hop on Twitter and make some vile suggestions of his own, wanting the teens to be given the “Fargo” treatment. Fargo is a movie from 1996 that is infamous for a disgusting scene where people are put into a wood-chipper.

It’s truly astonishing that we live in a world where people such as Sandmann can be tried and convicted in the court of public opinion and there’s no concern at all for the actual facts. But perhaps even more astonishing is that liberals can call for the death of a child, and no one bats an eye. Sarah Beattie is the perfect spokesperson for the left, as she embodies perfectly the level of filth that represents the “morals” of the Democratic Party.