Liberal Feminists Launch Attack Against New ‘Privilege,’ You Likely Have It

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Liberals in tears (left), more liberals in tears after Hillary Clinton’s loss (right) (Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Privilege is something that liberal feminists and their fellow leftists have to pretend exists so that they can make excuses for their own failures, rather than recognize any of their horrible behavior. Now, the rabid fembots of the left have come up with a new privilege to rage against, and you likely have this newly invented absurd “privilege.”

It all started with white privilege, which is nothing more than an excuse minorities use to break the law and act inappropriately. They aren’t white, so they don’t have the same opportunities, or so the left tells them, and those who believe white privilege is a thing use it as an excuse to behave less than favorably. Regardless of how many times this theory has been debunked, the left still uses it as a battle cry to trick minorities into voting for communists.

Then, they came up skinny or thin privilege. Feminists who can’t control their eating habits came up with a way to blame those who actually exercise and eat well for their own obesity. Next, came the pretty privilege. Apparently, attractive people get more opportunity than those who are less attractive, even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder and completely subjective, unlike skin color.

If you think it stops there, you’re wrong. According to National Review, feminism is showing us once again what a joke the movement has become. In an article for the social-justice/pro-communism blog Everyday Feminism, being “physically average” is now another “privileged class.” That’s right, being physically average, not in elite shape or poor shape, is now a privilege, and feminism wants you to know it.

The more ‘physically average’ I look, the more privilege I hold, and the easier it is for me to live in my community,” Rebecca Leys writes. But, weren’t we all supposed to be feeling bad about being physically superior to others? Now, those who fit in are supposedly doused with privileges the left magically made up. Again.

In the first section, titled “The World Around You Was Designed for Your Body to Easily Access It,” Leys explains that people who are “physically average” get to do great things like “fit into seats on public transport.” And in another section, titled “A Variety of Products and Media Cater Specifically to Your Diverse Needs,” Leys talks about how truly privileged she is to be able to “easily find things in non-specialty shops that are branded ‘nude,’ which pretty much accurately represents [her] skin tone.”

This is all getting a little embarrassing for humanity at this point. Never have so many people been offended by meaningless things to the point that they decided to assign “privileges” that don’t exist to those who are different than they are.

Newsflash, not all humans are the same. We all carry different DNA and different cultures and lifestyle choices shape our personalities. Maybe some of the “unprivileged” in society would find themselves elevating their own lives if they stopped looking for reasons to be pissed off at the success of others and actually attempted to function as a rational person.

Among the liberals, it’s like a contest to see which one can be more “progressive,” more politically correct, and more “socially aware” than the last liberal. So, they constantly invent new privileges in order to impress their peers and fellow communists. It’s the progressives’ equivalent to a person saying, “Here, hold my beer and watch this!”