Liberal Group Tries to Bash “Good Guy With a Gun,” Gets Wrecked Instead

Liberal group ThinkProgress tried to attack the often quoted “good guy with a gun” mantra. But their limp-wristed argument could barely hold water, and patriots let them know it in the most humiliating way possible.

A liberal group tried to bash gun owners. It didn’t work out that well. (Photo Credit: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr, Mitch Barrie/Flickr)

We’ve all heard the saying, “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” How many times have we seen this to be true? Too many times to count. Criminals prey on civilians, because they think we’re defenseless. Whenever an armed American shoots back, a potential tragedy is swiftly avoided.

Only an idiot would question the necessity of an armed public. Liberals want our people weak and defenseless. Throughout history, tyrants have disarmed the people, so they couldn’t fight back. Today, leftists want to disarm Americans, so we can’t oppose their communist agenda.

That’s why liberals try to debunk the “good guy with a gun” idea. They really hate the fact that everyday Americans own guns and can defend themselves. They’d rather see families at the mercy of criminals, mass shooters, and terrorists. How else can we explain the pathetic article posted by ThinkProgress?

They tried to craft a flimsy excuse to slander good guys with guns. But their attack was weak, as usual.

“Good guy with a gun” stories aren’t that hard to find. Heck, Twitchy even compiled a dozen such stories back in February.

ThinkProgress tried to bust the NRA’s “good guy with a gun” myth with a piece Tuesday.

One example they used, however, didn’t seem to convince very many:

A day earlier, video surfaced of an FBI agent mishandling his gun and accidentally shooting a man at a bar in Denver, Colorado. The off-duty agent attempted to do a backflip at Mile High Spirits while a handgun was in the waistband of his pants on Saturday morning. After the gun fell onto the floor, the agent picked it up and accidentally discharged his weapon, striking a bar patron in the leg. The victim was rushed to the hospital and is in good condition, according to KMGH. [Source: Twitchy]

Lol, it’s like liberals want us to humiliate them. Why, oh why, would they use this story as a way to bash good guys with guns? This was not a law-abiding citizen exercising his Second Amendment rights. This was an idiotic, off-duty FBI agent, who broke numerous rules. The worst being trying to backflip at a sleazy nightclub. Come on, dude.

This has nothing to do with armed citizens defending themselves from criminals. Even ThinkProgress should know that. But I guess these liberals have spent too much time smoking pot and reading Salon to think straight.

As you can imagine, patriots took to Twitter to roast these commies.

I definitely like this guy’s take on it:

Clearly, this FBI agent isn’t a patriotic American who grew up with firearms. He showed a shocking lack of knowledge about gun safety (and a shocking lack of dance moves). This man was irresponsible and reckless. It is more damning to the FBI’s poor standards, rather than Second Amendment-supporting Americans.

It’s really quite shocking. Liberals go on and on about gun control. But they claim they only want to keep guns out of criminals’ hands. They promise not to touch the Second Amendment. Then they post stupid stuff like this. Clearly, ThinkProgress does not respect our right to protect ourselves. They don’t care about criminals, otherwise, they’d go after the Chicago gangs that shoot up children.

Instead, they attack the NRA, a group originally created to help arm black Americans in the South. It’s a group that fights for Americans’ rights. I guess ThinkProgress doesn’t really like Americans with rights. It really makes you… think.

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