White Liberal Gym Manager Kicks Out Black Trump Voter, Regrets It When He Hears 3 Words

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When a liberal gym employee discovered that a black customer was a conservative, he immediately began shouting in the man’s face and kicked him out for “supporting Donald Trump.” However, the liberal thug quickly regretted his intolerance when he heard 3 simple words over a phone call that he hoped he’d never hear.

White Liberal Gym Manager Kicks Out Black Trump Voter, Regrets It When He Hears 3 Words
After his employees kicked out Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson (left), Equinox Sports Club Los Angeles owner Jeff Peters (right) heard 3 words that he hoped he’d never hear. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Jeff Peters/LinkedIn, Screenshot/YouTube)

Despite the left’s claims that they oppose discrimination and reinforce tolerance, they resort to verbal abuse, threats, and even violence when faced with an opposing view. While perpetuating the idea of freedom and empowerment when it comes to ideas with which they agree, their conditional solidarity with minorities quickly turns to hostility at the first hint that an individual would wish to break free from their values. In these instances, those with a differing opinion are looked at as dangerous dissenters who must be suppressed immediately before free thought catches on.

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, 68, expressed the very reason he could never be a liberal after suffering a hateful attack from several left-wing gym employees. Peterson wrote on WND that while working out at Equinox gym in Los Angeles, an unidentified employee confronted him over his conservative views. Peterson explained that the worker aggressively got in his face and screamed at him to leave, furiously shouting, “You support Donald Trump!”

Peterson claims that he was then approached by a man, who identified himself as a manager named “Scott” and then informed the pastor that he would be forced to leave and that his membership was terminated immediately in a lifetime ban over his support of Trump. Just when these liberal bullies believed they had successfully chased off Peterson, they received a phone call they never expected.

The Daily Caller reports that on October 19, Peterson informed Equinox Sports Club Los Angeles manager Jeff Peters that he has filed a “civil rights lawsuit” against them for discriminating against him based on his personal beliefs. Additionally, Peterson explained that he’d be willing to settle for the business to make a $200,000 donation to his nonprofit Christian organization and an official apology from the company to prove that they aren’t intolerant of conservative Christians like himself.

“The only cited reason” was “his political views and support for the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump,” Anthony Kohrs, an attorney representing Peterson, said.“He doesn’t want his membership back. He feels humiliated. He’s very troubled that his civil rights were violated. He doesn’t want this to happen to other people. Rev. Peterson hereby demands a $200,000 donation to BOND, the immediate termination of ‘Scott’ (who shockingly remains employed by Equinox) and a written apology,” Kohrs writes in the letter.

Khors explained that Peterson is only filing the lawsuit because he wants to ensure that the gym employees aren’t allowed to discriminate against anyone else. The lawsuit cites multiple California laws that maintain that businesses cannot discriminate against customers “on the basis of political affiliation” because it “violates several civil rights.”

If Peters doesn’t agree to the settlement, Khors believes that the court will award Rev. Peterson an even larger monetary sum.

“More important to Rev. Peterson than a settlement is exposing Equinox’s intolerance and bigotry,” Kohrs told TheDC. “In the United States of America, we do not discriminate against our citizens because of their political views or affiliations,” Kohrs wrote in the letter to Equinox. “Equinox’s discrimination and the conduct of its employees is shocking and reprehensible.”

Although Peterson has had countless run-ins with liberal intolerance, he is still in shock that professionals would flagrantly discriminate against customers because of their political views. He explained that even though he lived through the Democratic Party’s Jim Crow laws, he believes the left’s inherent racism and bigotry are only getting worse.

“I grew up under Jim Crow laws,” he told TheDC. “I have never been treated that way in my life.”

The Daily Caller contacted Peters in an effort to obtain his thoughts on the lawsuit against his business but did not receive a response. It’s likely that Peters is lying low at the advice of his legal team since the case could easily ruin the franchise if not handled with extreme care.

The moment that a conservative voices disagreement with a liberal minority member, they immediately call them racist, bigot, and Nazi. However, liberals often blatantly discriminate against and physically assault minority members for refuting their political values. Liberalism is an ideology of violence and oppression that seeks to enslave the minds of minorities they used to physically enslave. Decades after the Republican Party defeated their segregation and supremacy, they continue to showcase their racist mentality that suggests that minorities shouldn’t have the right to think for themselves.

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