Liberal Hag STALKS Ivanka, Gets Femi-Nazis To Sabotage All Her Hard Work

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Shannon Coulter (left) focused her anger at Ivanka Trump (right) after Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Ivanka Trump is getting screwed by a mean-spirited liberal who decided it was her goal in life to stalk and sabotage the president’s daughter relentlessly. Now, we’re exposing this liberal’s real motives, and you’ll be shocked that one big business is allowing this kind of thing to continue.

Ivanka has been a supportive daughter to President Donald Trump, and she has always been gracious to everyone, so she does not deserve nutjobs trying to destroy all of her hard work. However, that’s not stopping Shannon Coulter, the liberal hag who made it her goal in life to stalk Ivanka Trump and rally other Femi-Nazis to do the same thing. Coulter, who is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter, turned her anger onto Ivanka after Hillary lost the election.

Coulter is the co-founder of “Grab Your Wallet,” which sprang up In October 2016 as a way for liberal loons to boycott anything that carries the Trump name. According to the “Grab Your Wallet” website, “Shannon Coulter and Sue Atencio joined forces and announced on Twitter they’d be boycotting any retailer that carried Trump products, with the goal of motivating those companies on the list to stop doing business with the Trump family.”

However, Coulter took it a step further when she turned into an Ivanka stalker, not just a boycotter. She is obsessed with ruining Ivanka’s clothing line. This deep-seated anger comes from her political frustrations over her hero Hillary, and for some reason, she wants to punish Ivanka. Well, now she is getting her way after Nordstrom just announced it will no longer carry Ivanka Trump’s clothing or shoe line.

“Nordstrom will stop selling Ivanka Trump’s name-branded line of clothing and shoes, a company representative said Thursday. The change followed a weeks-long boycott campaign, organized by an anti-Trump activist group called ‘Grab Your Wallet‘,” according to Washington Post.

Coulter is the woman who made a big deal out of Ivanka wearing a $10,000 dollar bracelet for her 60 Minutes interview, making Ivanka her focus in most of her posts on social media. This proves that Coulter was zeroing in on Ivanka, not all of the Trump businesses.

This “Grab Your Wallet” movement is made up of pissed off far leftist women who are doing what shallow women do best — backstab other women. Coulter thinks the police seek out blacks to shoot, wants to end our Second Amendment rights, and is a climate change nut. Here are other far-leftist posts from Coulter prior to starting “Grab Your Wallet”:

  • One Thing You Can Do To Help End Police Violence Against Blacks
  • Meet The 46 Senators Who Voted Against Sensible Gun Control
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo Have an Eco-Bromance Going On and It’s Totally Adorable

Although Ivanka is an adult and fair game, I find it horrendous that women who are marching for women’s rights, wearing ridiculous pussy hats, think it’s commendable to wage a war against another woman who holds no political office.

It’s a cheap shot, proving Coulter and her ilk are just a bunch of haters who have no idea what supporting women is really about. Of course, they can march and boycott all they want, but in the end, they will be remembered as a bunch of jealous shrews who backstabbed a classy, smart, successful female entrepreneur. What a way to empower women and lift them up, huh?

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