Liberal Hairstylist Hires ‘Integrated’ Syrian Refugee, Horrified By How He Repays Her

Liberal Hairstylist Hires 'Integrated' Syrian Refugee, Horrified By How He Repays Her
After hiring Syrian refugee Mohammad Hussain Rashwani (left), a German hairstylist was horrified by how he repaid her kindness. (Photo source: Lausitzzer Rundschau,

When a liberal salon owner heard a newspaper praise an “integrated” refugee, she immediately offered him a job. However, just a few months later, the woman was horrified to discover how he decided to repay her generosity.

After each Islamic terrorist attack or migrant crime spree, the left predictably virtue signals, informing us that we must combat our own slaughter with love, tolerance, and open borders. Of course, this only leads to the Islamization of nations as the dead cry out from their graves that at least they were morally superior to their murderers. Still, it takes liberals falling on their own sword to realize that their theories don’t work when put into action, and even then, many refuse to acknowledge that the flaw is in their agenda and not its execution.

Syrian hairstylist Mohammad Hussain Rashwani was hailed by local media as a “model for integration of asylum seekers” after migrating from Damascus to Germany during the refugee crisis. Falling for this leftist propaganda, 64-year-old Ilona F. took Mohammad under her wing by offering him a position at her salon in Herzberg in September 2016. Sadly, it took Ilona just 5 months to discover the truth about just how dangerous even vetted asylum seekers can be.

German online newspaper Lausitzzer Rundschau reports that the left’s poster child for Muslim migration, 39-year-old Mohammad, brutally attacked his elderly female boss on June 28, stabbing her in the neck as Muslim jihadists often do. The Syrian refugee, who was lauded by liberals as proof of Islamic “integration,” carried out the Quran’s command to “smite at their necks,” nearly killing his employer.

Ilona managed to escape certain death when another 22-year-old Syrian intervened and stopped Mohammad, which authorities say likely saved the woman. She was forced to undergo emergency surgery but is now in stable condition.

Ironically, a newspaper used Mohammad as their example for the left’s success with open borders, highlighting Ilona’s esteem for him and gushing at how he is eager to assist his elderly boss, Die Welt reports.

“It is also fitting for human beings, although Mohammad is a proud man, but very careful and prudent, even helping with clean-up,” Ilona F. was quoted as saying.

The 39-year-old attacker was regarded as “a model for a successful integration,” the paper continues.

Authorities confirmed that Mohammad is in police custody and has been charged with attempted murder, although they refuse to name his motivation.

Chief Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon said, “According to initial findings, we assume that the motive could be related to the employment relationship,” but gave no further details. “We have applied for a warrant for attempted murder,” he added.

After welcoming in over 1 million refugees, most of whom are Muslims, Germany has found that the few who attain employment are causing problems in the workplace. Whether minor cultural discrepancies or severe threats, Islamic refugees are not integrating into their host country.

Up to 74 percent of migrants in Germany are only fit for menial labor and have little to no skills. While the highest estimation suggests that 13 percent of refugees have found jobs, others report that as high as 99 percent are unemployed with only 1 in 10,000 asylum seekers having actually gained employment. Additionally, 75 percent of refugees in the country will remain on welfare for the rest of their lives, crippling Germany’s economy.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that 50 percent of all criminal suspects in Munich have a migrant background and 20 percent are asylum seekers, despite both making up tiny minority populations.

So, what happened? Did this female business owner just not love the migrant enough? Apparently, her warm embrace wasn’t enough to spare her from the jihadist’s obedience to Allah’s command to “smite at their necks,” despite liberal celebrities and politicians assuring us that it will.

Aside from the Quran’s dozens of other violent commands towards unbelievers, verses 47:4 and 8:12 specifically order the stabbing of non-Muslims at their necks. This can mean either beheading, stabbing, or simple throat-slitting — whatever accomplishes “inflicting slaughter upon them” and “casting terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.” Surprisingly, the only interpretation of this that’s false is any inclination that Muslims should be peaceable to non-Muslims.

The Islamic prophet Muhammad modeled the true meaning of these scriptures by ambushing peaceful Jewish tribes and beheading the men and boys before taking women and children as sex slaves. Indeed, the only man Allah granted the authority to interpret his Quran modeled its meaning with violence and oppression. As such, it would be utterly illogical to believe that Islam means anything but war.

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