Liberal Hollywood Learns Tough Lesson About Anti-2nd Amendment Propaganda

Liberals try to push many things in the media. Their efforts don’t always pan out financially, though, as Jessica Chastain and “Miss Sloane” found out the hard way.

The film, “Miss Sloane,” casts Chastain as a tough-talking lobbyist in Washington who fights by hook and by crook to destroy the 2nd Amendment. A mean-spirited gun lobby group approaches her firm to help craft a campaign to turn women against universal background checks. Chastain leaves the firm and becomes part of an underdog battle for tougher gun control.

WATCH: The trailer for “Miss Sloane” here:

Unfortunately for the gun control lobby and the producers, it completely fizzled at release. The film failed to meet even the most pessimistic projection of $5 million, earning $1.9 million, after costing $13 million to produce.

Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator website, has so far given the film a score of 69%, which seems remarkably high given the public’s total lack of interest in the film, though isn’t quite so out of place when given the disconnect between professional reviewers (and many amateur ones) and the general public.

Despite the fact that the film has performed abysmally, Chastain herself is up for a Golden Globe for her performance. This will be her fourth Golden Globe nomination, though she actually won the award in 2013 for her ironically gun-violence heavy “Zero Dark Thirty.” Some of her other remarkably violent films include 2012’s “Lawless” and 2014’s “A Most Violent Year.”

This can probably be seen as part of a greater trend of liberal values flopping when applied to society at large. The more liberal the message, the harder they seem to fall. From global warming to feminism, liberals march on, heedless of how out of tune their message is or how unsuccessful they are financially. Even Star Wars appears to feel the force of political correctness. The verdict is definitely in — God, patriotism, and tradition pay, and they pay well.

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