Liberal Journalist Whines Over Medical Bills, Gets Roasted by Real Americans

A Daily Beast editor took to Twitter to complain about a medical bill. After she cursed out America for her “pain,” she got a healthy dose of reality.

Daily Beast editor cursed out the United States over a medical bill, learned the truth the hard way. (Photo Credit: Raúl Hernández González/Flickr)

So much for Obamacare, am I right? The terrible program that was supposed to provide affordable health care to Americans ended up being a disaster. The program was so convoluted and bad, entire regions were left with one provider, if any at all. That’s not to mention the un-Constitutional “individual mandate” that punished you for not being able to afford health insurance.

Yet liberals still back Barack Obama’s signature disaster. Worse still, they push for even greater government-sponsored health care. They want our health industry to be as bad as Europe’s, which forces people to wait for months — in pain — for basic procedures.

One such liberal was Daily Beast’s social editor Mandy Velez. As an ardent Obama-supporter, she wants universal health care. Recently she took to Twitter to emphasize this desire after she was hit with an out-of-pocket medical bill. But I’m not sure she garnered much sympathy.

The Daily Beast’s social editor Mandy Velez apparently got quite a shock today when she found out she owed $400 for medical appointments:

Naturally, she used this setback to give America the finger [Source: Twitchy]

First of all, I’m not buying those crocodile tears. Four hundred dollars can be a lot of money for some. But that’s pennies compared to the massive bills most people struggle with after going to the doctor. Even a simple visit to the ER can result in over $10,000 in expenses. Honestly, Velez got off easy.

But, I understand the pain first hand. Getting a huge bill you weren’t expecting is tough. Does that justify cursing out the United States? Absolutely not. It’s not our government’s responsibility to pay for your healthcare, Mandy. Yes, it can be expensive. However, our government doesn’t exist to pay for things that are expensive.

The American spirit is to work hard so you can afford the things you need. It might be tough at times, but the alternative is far worse. Government-funded anything always turns out to be a disaster. We get burdened with massive taxes, a hard-hit industry, and only a few meager options. Most of us experienced how bad Obamacare can be.

When tempers calmed, Velez did kind-of, sort-of apologize. But that didn’t impress patriots online.

Oh, so you were “fortunate enough to pay,” after all? Why all the complaining? Doesn’t the Daily Beast offer health insurance? If they don’t—or don’t cover enough of the expense—you should be angry with them. Why is it always the government’s responsibility to take care of you? Maybe your company needs to cough up some more dough. Or you can always find a job that offers better benefits.

But hang on, she could pay that $400? Must be nice! You know there are families in this country who, when hit with a $400 bill, are easily ruined. An unexpected expensive like that can derail their entire lives. They don’t take to Twitter to whine like entitled brats. You know what they do? They buckle down and make it work, no matter what.

Understandably, people put Velez in her place.

Pretty honest, to say the least. Velez’s attitude is typical of most out-of-touch, East Coast, liberal elites. They love to lecture us on their blogs, telling regular Americans why we’re so “wrong” about supporting President Trump. They never even bother to understand how bad the policies are that they support!

Velez is just another New York, soy-latte sipping con artist. She wants liberals to turn America into a Socialist state, scolding us for not agreeing. Then she is “suddenly” shocked when her Democratic paradise starts to collapse in on itself. It’s even more outrageous when you consider, she could afford the bill all along.

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