Liberal Judge Frees Syrian Refugee Child-Rapist, Horrified By How He ‘Repays’ His Kindness

Liberal Judge Frees Syrian Refugee Child-Rapist, Horrified By How He 'Repays' His Kindness
After an unnamed judge released child-rapist Zohair Tomari (left), Judge Andrew Lockhart (right) was forced to take over his case when the Muslim migrant disturbingly “repaid” the court’s leniency. (Photo Source: Daily Mail, Coventry Telegraph)

While an asylum seeker was on trial for brutally raping two young girls, a liberal judge allowed the dangerous child-rapist to be released on bail. However, as soon as the pedophile walked free, the leftist judge was introduced to the repercussions of his unbelievably stupid decision.

Like any other Syrian refugee, 20-year-old Zohair Tomari, who initially claimed to be from Morocco, was welcomed into the UK with open arms by liberals for all the cultural contributions he’d make to society. After being granted welfare, Tomari bided time in England by brutally raping 2 girls, ages 13 and 14.

Daily Mail reports that Tomari was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting minors after luring the children into his flat and plying them with alcohol in April 2014. Once they were inside his apartment, Tomari severely beat the girls before raping them at knifepoint. Although he was on trial for heinous crimes of a serious nature, a judge, whose identity remains protected by the media, granted Tomari bail in Coventry Crown Court. Unfortunately, the judge’s leniency only afforded Tomari yet another opportunity to continue his debauched crime spree.

After allowing Tomari to go free, the unnamed judge was informed that the Muslim refugee doubled his known victims, violently raping two more girls, ages 17 and 15, while out on bail in August 2016. Immediately after the incident, Judge Andrew Lockhart of Warwick Crown Court was placed over Tomari’s case, once again resulting in an unsatisfactory outcome.

Liberal Judge Frees Syrian Refugee Child-Rapist, Horrified By How He 'Repays' His Kindness
Despite Tomari (left) and accomplice Lala Gul Utkhel (right) being previously jailed for child sex trafficking, a judge let Tomari out on bail, allowing him to rape 2 more teen girls. (Photos Source: Coventry Telegraph)

Despite being initially sentenced to 9 years in prison, half of which he has already served, Judge Lockhart sentenced Tomari to a mere 12 years in prison this week for committing the exact same set of crimes without a hint of remorse. Sickeningly, Tomari attempted to convince the jury that one of the girls had consented to have sex with him, despite their claims that he had beaten them and threatened their lives, according to the Coventry Observer. Fortunately, the jury wasn’t buying his excuse, as Tomari was again convicted of the same set of charges.

“Behavior of this nature is abhorred in virtually every civilized country on this earth,” Judge Lockhart said during sentencing. “Sadly, then you were granted bail, and you committed other offences for which you are now in prison. I am driven to conclude you are dangerous. I can see no end to the danger you pose.”

Prosecutor Jeremy Janes explained that Tomari practically blamed the children who he’d raped for “consenting” to depraved sex acts.

“He said to the police, and would say to you now, ‘yes, we did have intercourse, but that was with her full consent.’ Indeed he said that, to a great extent, she initiated it. That is the stark choice for you. Both of them can’t be telling the truth, and you have to be sure it’s she who’s right, and not him,” Mr Janes told the jury.

Disturbingly, a Home Office spokesman acknowledged that while he hopes to deport Tomari, there is a possibility he will remain in the UK. He explained that they have extradited more than 37,000 criminal migrants since 2010 alone. However, he stated that his department has already deported a whopping 6,100 last year and expects the numbers to continue steadily increasing with each new wave of migrants.

The Quran directly gives Muslim men the right to take non-Muslim women and even children, as Muhammad took Aisha, captive for their twisted sexual fantasies. Five times in the Quran does Allah justify rape and sexual slavery by referring to these women, who are not to be considered wives, “captives of the right hand.” To be sure that Muslims would not mistake these scriptures to mean something peaceful, Muhammad himself used them to justify the times he and his men would rape non-Muslim women.

As the left embraces moral decay and descends into humanism, their alignment with Muslim allies only creates more victims of Islam’s violent and oppressive fundamentals. Before they will recognize the tyrannical Caliphate they’re helping create in the West, if they ever do, more of the most innocent in our society will suffer the societal contributions that Muslims are perpetuating in every country they infiltrate.

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