Liberal Mayor Approves Unwanted Mosque, Angry Locals Give Her Brutal Dose Of Own Medicine

Liberal Mayor Approves Unwanted Mosque, Angry Locals Give Her Brutal Dose Of Own Medicine
After refusing townspeople the right to protest the construction of a mosque, Mayor Joy Mogensen (inset) was given a demonstration of her own policies in action. (Photo source: YouTube, TV2 Lorry)

When a town opposed the addition of another mosque, the liberal mayor rejected the majority’s decision and even shut down peaceful protests against the construction. However, in the early morning hours, fed-up citizens gave the rogue mayor a brutal taste of her own medicine right on her doorstep.

As Europe is discovering, appeasing Islamic demands only empowers the Muslim minority to subjugate all others to the same oppressive legislations they do in every Muslim country on earth. Still, the left illogically believes that through tolerance and respect, the West will achieve different results than the slaughter, conquest, and tyranny perpetuated by Muslims consistently for over 1,400 years. What they eventually always discover is that they aren’t exempt from their own bad policies, as one liberal mayor is finding.

Instead of protecting Roskilde civilians from the terrorism and hate speech that cultivates in mosques, Danish Mayor Joy Mogensen backed the construction and subsequent reconstruction of an Islamic eyesore that will eventually blast the adhan at ungodly hours beginning before dawn and repeating throughout the day. In fact, Mogensen and her Social Democratic Party constituents have approved the mosque members’ requests to raise massive minarets atop the building, which signify Islam’s supremacy over all other institutions.

Fed up with Mogensen’s relentless capitulation to the Muslim minority, 5 members of Stop Islamization of Denmark (SIAD) gave the socialist mayor a small yet unsavory taste of what her values will bring about. At 5 a.m., conservative activists placed a stereo in front of Mogensen’s door and blasted the irritating call to prayer so that the liberal mayor could understand how it feels for locals within a 1 to 2-mile radius of minaret speakers, Danish online newspaper SN reports.

Mogensen refused to come to her door, likely startled and confused by the unexpected wakeup call. Despite video footage confirming that the adhan was incredibly loud but still softer than actual minaret speakers, Mogensen tried to convince viewers that she wasn’t at all bothered by the noise. In fact, she outrageously claimed that she didn’t hear a thing, according to TV2 Lorry.

“There was probably someone who called this morning, but now we live in the city, so it happens sometimes that people call or bother, so I didn’t even realize that it was a demonstration,” said the mayor. “I really do think that it is silly to hold a demonstration for something that is not going to happen. There is not going to be prayer calls from the minarets of the mosque at Allehelgensgade.”

Bishop Peter Fischer-Møller, who joined the Mogensen in support for the mosque, also pretended that the outrageous din didn’t rouse him from sleep. He too acknowledged that the Muslims understand they’re not allowed to use speakers to perform the adhan and truly believes they’ll keep their word.

“I didn’t hear anything so they didn’t disturb my night’s sleep. But if it is to emphasize that they are afraid of the call to prayer, it is clear in the local plan that no prayer should be called, like the Roskilde Cultural Association (which is behind the mosque),” he said. “Neither has expressed any desire for prayer calls. The modest minarets on the building are, as I understand it, only to be regarded as a constructional decoration.”

Planned to adorn the mosques are 5 domes and 2 minarets, which will undoubtedly eventually be utilized for blaring the raucous adhan every day. The promise to abstain from using speakers to call local Muslims to prayer is a common tactic used by mosque-goers who are simply trying to get their foot in the door. Soon, the mosques are blaring the adhan, waking non-Muslims within several miles in all directions without the city’s permission. If officials even respond to civilians’ complaints, the Muslim community uses their privilege to silence opposition with accusations of bigotry, racism, and Islamophobia.

In fact, this very cycle has occurred in the U.S., despite America staving off Islamization more than its European cousins. After electing the country’s first Muslim-majority city council, Hamtramck residents reported that mosques began breaking noise laws by blasting the adhan. Likewise, Bostonians have complained to the local government about the call to prayer from a mosque in Bellville since 2009 to no avail.

Loud calls to prayer, mega-mosques, flamboyant minarets, praying the streets, and incessant demands are all tactics that are unnecessary in Islam but wholly vital to the Islamization of non-Muslim communities. These practices are meant to intimidate and oust opposition while declaring that Islam is supreme to all other ideologies and laws.

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