Trump-Hating Liberal Mayor Who Tipped off Illegals Finally Facing the Music

Democratic Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, stunned the country when she tipped off criminal aliens about an ICE raid. She betrayed the country to protect illegal immigrants. Now, after so many months, she is facing the music.

Libby Schaaf is finally going to face consequences for her tip-off to criminals. (Photo Credit: Code for America/Flickr, Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Most patriotic Americans can’t stand the idea of “sanctuary cities.” These cities are protecting illegal immigrants. Not just any illegals, but the ones specifically arrested by police for breaking the law. Under sanctuary laws, police are not allowed to hand these criminals over to ICE for deportation. Imagine that. These illegal immigrants broke enough laws to get arrested. Instead of facing the penalty for their crimes, they are released back into society to break more laws.

Worse than a sanctuary city or county is an entire sanctuary state. Earlier this year, Gov. Jerry Brown made California a sanctuary for criminal aliens. Even though many residents despise this policy, many others support it. That includes Democrat Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland.

Because of California’s sanctuary police, ICE has to work extra hard. Instead of getting help from local law enforcement, they have to conduct risky raids to apprehend criminal aliens. These aren’t “innocent” illegal immigrants, but dangerous criminals. They are members of drug cartels and gangs, rapists and murderers.

But the state of California puts these criminals ahead of you and me. They bend over backward to shield them from the law. In fact, when she learned that ICE was about to conduct a raid in her city, Schaaf warned the illegals. It is estimated that over 800 potentially dangerous criminals got away, thanks to this traitor.

Now, Schaaf is about to face the music. A lawsuit is about to be filed that will expose her true motives. It can lead to greater actions against this un-American liberal.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) will file a lawsuit Monday seeking to force Oakland, California, to produce documents related to its mayor Libby Schaaf’s decision to tip off illegal aliens to a major enforcement action in February, IRLI Executive Director Dale Wilcox revealed for the first time on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Sunday.

We’re “tired of these state and local jurisdictions who are thumbing their nose at our duly enacted immigration laws,” Wilcox told Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House…

IRLI requested copies of emails and other internal communications between Schaff and her top-level staff related to Schaaf’s public tip-off under the California Public Records Act (CPRA), but according to IRLI’s complaint, the assigned deadline passed without any documents being produced. IRLI is now suing to force Oakland to hand over the documents.

“I think [the documents are] going to expose [Schaaf and her staff] radical open-borders philosophy and how … [Schaaf] has been scheming with the chief of police,” Wilcox told House about what IRLI hopes their lawsuit will uncover. “She has mentioned in news reports about conversations she’s had with her chief of police over tipping off illegal aliens. She’s been quite brazen. She’s actually said she’s willing to go to jail to defend criminal illegal aliens.” [Source: Breitbart]

She better be ready to make good on that word. Imagine a politician who cares so much more for illegals than Americans, that she’d go to jail to help them? Would Schaaf go to jail to help an American citizen? Probably not. But she is willing to go to jail helping murderers, rapists, and drug dealers. It makes you think.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was one of many officials outraged over Schaaf’s actions. She exposed the details of a sensitive operation by law enforcement. That’s tantamount to obstruction of justice. It’s the same as if she called up mobsters and warned them the police were coming. Her actions jeopardized ICE’s operations. She must be held accountable.

This lawsuit will require her and her office to hand over every piece of communication leading up to the raid. As mayor, she clearly knew about the raid. She and her cronies in the local police conspired to undermine the federal government. Her “tip off” was an obvious attempt to let illegals know ahead of time — so they could hide.

With those documents in hand, the IRLI could prove there was intent to violate the law. It would give the federal government grounds to prosecute her. If nothing else, it will reveal to the voting public that she has little regard for the law. Libby Schaaf puts the well-being of illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens. So why should she stay in office?

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