Liberal Media Adores Olympic Muslim, 1 BIG Problem Americans Need To Know

Ibtihaj Muhammad‏ is the Muslim poster girl for the Rio Olympics. The liberal media prefers her to Micheal Phelps, and she is becoming well known all because the mainstream media loves that she is a Muslim woman wearing a hijab on the American team. However, information is coming to light that is a big problem for Muhammad. What this woman believes should piss off every American.

Americans hope the Olympic athletes representing our nation all have a love of country, but that is not what we are finding out about Muslim Olympic fencing hopeful Ibtihaj Muhammad‏, who rose to some fame because of her orthodox Muslim beliefs and the fact that she wears the hijab even when competing.

Far-leftists suggested she should carry the American flag instead of Michael Phelps, and that stirred up controversy, which is likely to get worse really fast after what’s coming to light. Now, Muhammad’s real feelings and beliefs are being exposed, and the picture is one of hatred for Jews and a love of Black Lives Matter.

Ibtihaj Muhammad on Twitter #Israel, it's not defense if you are militarily occupying someone else's land #GazaUnderAttack (1)

Her tweet, “Israel, it’s not a defense if you are militarily occupying someone else’s land,” is one of many showing her anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian stance. She actually believes that the Jewish people are killers trying to genocide all Arabs. Pamela Geller researched Muhammad’s writings and had this to say:

“Is anyone surprised [Ibtihaj Muhammad is a anti-Semite]? Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s in the Qur’an. Hillary Clinton lauded Ibtihaj Muhammad‏ today, despite the fact that she lost to the 9th ranked competitor. This hater should carry our flag of freedom?

Muhamad was born in New Jersey, and her father is a cop, so you would think she would be pro-America and pro-police, but sadly, somewhere along the line, she became an anti-Semite who hates what America stands for. Her Twitter feed is full of Black Lives Matter hashtags, and she believes the rhetoric about police brutality against African-Americans.


“If Ibtihaj Muhammad is a poster girl for anything, it’s how the enemies of freedom have seized the narrative — demonizing the good and exalting the evil,” says Gellar. We couldn’t agree more. Why are those athletes who are patriotic Americans, like Ginny Thrasher who won the first gold medal of the Olympics in women’s 10m air rifle, not adored by the liberal media?

We all know why — Thrasher isn’t wearing a hijab, she’s white, and she won a gold holding a gun. The silent majority of Americans are getting sick of this crap, and if that passion is seen at the ballot box in November, Donald Trump is going to rock their liberal world. It’s time for cowboy hats and blue jeans, mom and apple pie — we want the America we love back.

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