Shocking Videos: Hear What Liberal Media Said About San Bernardino Shooters

The San Bernardino shooting has left our nation in shock, but after the tragic chain of events, what the liberal media had to say about it was disgraceful. Numerous reports and news clips have shown just how disturbing leftist reporting has become, but you have to see and hear it to believe it.

First, Alan Colmes “jumped the shark” with a blog post within minutes of the San Bernardino shootings. Colmes posted a short blog along with a picture of where the shooting took place, then showed a Planned Parenthood three blocks away, making speculations that the shooter’s real target was Planned Parenthood.

Colmes was not the only leftists to brilliantly blog or tweet without facts. Videos from CNN show commentators speculated that Syed Farook was “offended by a holiday party” and another blames “militia” type groups.

From the Daily Caller:

Despite the general lack of information, members of the media and general public quickly moved to note that a Planned Parenthood exists in the general area of the shooting, thereby implying the shooting could be a copycat attack on Planned Parenthood similar to the one carried out last week in Colorado.

Below are examples of the left-wing media’s wild speculations on San Bernardino shooters, featuring everything form the “workplace violence” to the “Planned Parenthood attack” and “anti-government militia” narratives:

Tweets occurring minutes after the San Bernardino shooting were similar in their gross misinformation:

This is how the far left “rolls.” Nothing is fact based. Brainwashed into thinking everything is some “right-wing conspiracy” and all conservatives are backwoods, uneducated, products of cousin marrying cults, their immediate response is fear. Their world view is so skewed with those images, it explains their reactions to anything that may shatter that reality.

The leftists media base their reality in years of indoctrination to change America by way of a socialistic movement to change the face of our nation into a meek, controllable, drone like population. It explains how they take a news report and within minutes, determine the party line to blast to the public — and it’s always the right, regardless of facts.

For the ill-informed, the truth is whatever they read on Facebook and Twitter before jumping to the next topic of discussion. Sadly, that is the state of America today.

Conservatives know that debating these liberals is senseless. For years, our public school system starts the indoctrination, disguised as cultural sensitivity, multiculturalism, diversity, and the latest fad, which focuses on sexual identity.

Racism is rampant, bias against “queer folk” is everywhere, and right-wing nuts shooting up Planned Parenthood facilities are commonplace, if you believe the liberal media. But it doesn’t stop there. They also demand that guns should be confiscated from everyone, guns are bad, and guns hurt people, claiming that if America destroys all the guns, our nation will be the utopia the left is seeking — Heaven on earth. The government is the god of liberals, and if you follow their rules, we will achieve the utopia they promise.

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