Liberal Media Interrupts Trump While Thanking Firefighters, But He Gets ULTIMATE Revenge

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A shocking clip is spreading across social media after President Donald Trump decided to stop and thank some local firefighters. As it turns out, a few members of the liberal media thought it would be a good time to interrupt, but their attempt would blow up in their face as Trump got the last word – and the ultimate revenge.

Liberal Media Interrupts Trump While Thanking Firefighters But He Gets ULTIMATE Revenge
President Donald Trump with firefighters (left) and with reporters (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Donald Trump is currently in Florida enjoying his Christmas holiday in Florida, but it’s not all fun and games. In fact, the President has been doing quite a bit of work and has even taken time out of his schedule to show Americans what he really finds important.

With just that in mind, he went to a West Palm Beach fire hall for a meet and greet with firefighters, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan. At first, things seemed to be going off without a hitch, but it wasn’t long before things started to take a turn.

During an impromptu speech, President Trump ensured the firefighters that he knows the struggle it has been to be a public servant and that he is dedicated to getting both firemen and police the budgets they need in the future to do their jobs correctly.

“We want to give these people credit for the great job that they do, so thank you all very much. We appreciate it,” President Trump said before he then answered questions from the firefighters for about 10 minutes and discussed the passage of the tax bill and how he is fighting for their retirement accounts every day he is in office.

Although Trump simply hoped to spend time with the brave men and women who serve the public and show his appreciation, it wasn’t long before the liberal media tried to mess things up. As the meet and greet came to an end, the firefighters lined up to shake hands with the president, and that’s just about the time the liberal media sprang their trap.

Just like that, a few reporters began shouting questions at Trump in an attempt to make him look foolish — but the exact opposite happened. Although the full video is below, the good part, in which Trump handles the rude reporters like a champ, starts just after the 4:30 mark.

Without hesitation, Trump led everyone in a round of applause, prompting the firefighters to interrupt the shouting reporters and drown them out by loudly clapping their hands so that the rude interruption could no longer be heard. A few moments later, Trump exited to the sound of applause as everyone continued to clap around him.

Although he turned around to give one last wave at the end, Trump was able to walk out happily, knowing that the liberal media couldn’t ask any more of their desperate questions. By the time the applause had died down enough to hear voices, the president was already long gone, well on his way out of the building.

Although the left doesn’t want you to know it, many people in this country love and support President Donald Trump. In fact, these firefighters proved just that by helping to silence the yapping hounds in the liberal media who are always looking for a way to attack our president.

One could only hope that the mainstream media would give Trump a fair shake, but seeing how he continues to shatter the narratives that they’ve been feeding the American people, well, it’s clear why they don’t like him. Too bad for them, no one really cares about their feelings or opinions, and they’d do themselves a favor by simply reporting the truth. Only time will tell if the idiots learn that lesson for themselves, though.