Liberal Professor Discriminates Against Student In Worst Way For Sick Reason

It isn’t really a secret that liberal professors can affect the future of conservative students, and this story serves as proof. Liberals seek world domination and will not allow dissenting views to get in the way, not even if those students display impeccable intelligence. Now, a liberal professor has been allowed to discriminate against her student, and it’s for one disgusting reason.

The “professor” in question teaches at an unnamed college in the United States, and she is more than candid about her opinions under a pseudo-name. She has “second thoughts” about writing a positive evaluation of a pro-gun student. No, this is not an excerpt from an East Berlin newspaper in 1945. This is the reality in America in 2016.

A recent incident in my classroom has me thinking about the ways in which the randomness of the universe is always sort of poking at us as educators.

Now, in all honesty, after that little tidbit and the name “Myrtle Lynn Payne,” you would think we could assume this professor is a woman. Based on recent events, we can only guess the gender of the idiot that wrote this asinine assumption. For the sake of this article, we’ll go with the assumption that the educator is a woman. But, I digress.

This lefty professor is actually discriminating against her student because that particular student is pro-gun. No, this isn’t a joke. The beginning of her ridiculous and mentally unstable blog begins by saying that, as a child, guns were normal. Every liberal bonehead attempts to convey a “redneckified” childhood experience to guns.

My father, you see, suffered from terrible manic-depressive episodes and my mother eventually had heard enough about the risk of suicide that she instituted gun control in our household. My father died of natural causes when I was in college and I always kind of quiver in my heart when I think about what my mother did. I’m glad I didn’t lose him earlier to suicide.

Keep that quote in mind as you remember that liberals are all for assisted suicides. Remember how they praised cancer stricken Brittnay Maynard after she killed herself? The hypocrisy is unreal.

Brittany Maynard
Brittany Maynard

“Sarah” was a very nice young woman who turned up in one of my classes a year or so ago. Her academic abilities were not strong but she had great energy and was a class leader. Definitely a process, and not a content, type of gal. I did take special notice of her on the first day during a sharing activity we typically do at the beginning of my science lecture courses. Sarah shared that the most notable experience of her winter break was a visit to a gun range where she had fired an AK-47. I gave the usual “very good, moving on” response but was thinking, “Whoa, that’s disturbing.”

Because of this, “Sarah” would not be getting a recommendation from her liberal professor, who wrote the above quote. This professor is everything that is wrong with the American education system.

Instead of listening to “Sarah” and taking her particular experiences to heart, this bonehead professor uses a pseudo name and takes to her blog to complain about it. Deep down, we know it’s because “Sarah” could kick this professor’s behind should the poo hit the proverbial fan, and she doesn’t like that much.

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