Liberal Professor Urged Students to Protest Kavanaugh, FINALLY Got What She Deserved

During the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fiasco, we heard about college professors urging students to protest. Some even offered class credit if they dropped everything to harass Republican senators. One retired professor from the University of Southern Maine offered a “pop-up” class for students to cause trouble. Now, she finally got everything that she deserved.

A retired professor from the University of Southern Maine offered a “pop up” class that bused students to D.C. for protests against Kavanaugh. (Photo Credit: Hillel Steinberg/Flickr)

The antics we saw coming from liberals during the Kavanaugh hearings is nothing new. Since Donald Trump took office, the left has been protesting more times than we can count. Apparently, they still think tactics used in the 60’s still works today.

They might if the protests weren’t so obviously faked. In an effort to boost their numbers, protest organizers also relied on left-wing college professors. These Marxist-loving teachers bribed (or threatened) their students into going to DC to protest the lawful confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

One of these professors was Dr. Susan Feiner, a former professor at the University of Southern Maine. Even though the doctor was retired, she started an unauthorized “pop-up” class.

This “course” planned to bus students to DC to protest Sen. Susan Collins, as she planned to support Brett Kavanaugh. You might remember how radical leftists (also known as normal Democrats) threatened Collins with death and rape if she supported Kavanaugh.

Feiner, wanting to add fuel to the fire, tried to coerce students into going all the way from Maine to DC, just to rattle Collins’ cage.

But it turns out Feiner had absolutely no right to offer this “class.” In fact, the University of Maine was shocked and even embarrassed by the stunt. They now decided to bar Feiner from ever teaching on their campuses again.

How’s that for karma?

A retired professor from the University of Southern Maine has been “barred” from teaching at any of the school’s campuses after offering an unauthorized “pop-up” class for students to protest against the confirmation of then-Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. [Source: Fox News]

The president of the University, Glenn Cummings, was forced to make a statement regarding the episode.

“We are embarrassed by and apologize for the rogue behavior of a former colleague,” USM President Glenn Cummings said in a statement Wednesday. “In response to her inappropriate actions, Dr. Susan Feiner has been notified that she is now barred from teaching at the University of Southern Maine, a prohibition that will be upheld by the other campuses of the University of Maine System as well.”

Cummings said Feiner promoted “an unauthorized class that advanced her personal political agenda.”

News of the trip prompted complaints that tax dollars were used for partisan activity and the Maine Republican Party blasted the idea on its Facebook page. University officials – Cummings and system Chancellor James Page – immediately issued statements denouncing the idea and saying it violated university policy on remaining non-partisan and politically neutral. [Source: The Portland Press Herald]

Wow, a university that doesn’t engage in partisan and political propaganda? That’s almost hard to believe! But we have the proof right here. A former professor tried to extort students in her politically-motivated scheme. And the school bars her from teaching.

It’s rare that we see schools stand up for what’s right. In the past, college professors have gone on rants against the president and conservatives. Some have posted ugly comments about former First Ladies, like Barbara Bush. The schools that employed them did nothing. In fact, they defended these teachers.

Perhaps it’s because Feiner is retired, that the school had the ability to shut her down. Whatever the case might be, you’d assume Feiner would learn her lesson.


In a text message Wednesday, Feiner said she did not plan to challenge the university’s decision: “Why? I’m retired. It’s USM’s loss,” she wrote, adding that she was “disappointed” and that “hundreds of thousands (of dollars) in planned giving is gone.”  [Source: The Portland Press Herald]

That just like a good Democrats. Even when they know they’re wrong, they refuse to admit defeat. Feiner lied by saying she could offer course credit to students. She pretended her “pop-up” class was authorized by the school.

After she was exposed, by the university, she continues to whine like a spoiled child. Much like every other liberal whose lost in recent years. It’s why they’ll continue to lose.