Liberal Reporter Tries To Slander Trump Over His Twitter Use, Gets Absolutely Humiliated

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Is there nothing the left won’t say to slander President Donald Trump? The answer is: no. Liberal journalists and the fake news have been openly lying about the President since day one. They have distorted facts, fabricated “sources,” and straight up invented stories. However, the latest newsperson to criticize the President embarrassed herself. It seems like she was so eager to slam Trump, she exposed her own stupidity.

Liberal journalist Maggie Haberman tried to slam Trump over Twitter. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Much is happening around the world, but the mainstream media might not be telling you about it. In the rogue nation of Iran, things are changing. Thousands of citizens have been protesting throughout the country. Stirrings of revolution — greater than the 2009 protests — are growing. Some experts predict the oppressive regime is about to fall.

The corrupt leaders of Iran are terrified. They have tried to stop the protests. One of the ways they do this is by limiting Internet access. If citizens cannot communicate, via social media, they will have a hard time spreading their message. At least that’s the assumption. This time, though, the protesters appear more prepared.

President Trump has expressed his support for the people of Iran. He was recently quoted by the press as saying the government must unblock the people’s access to social media, which is a reasonable thing for any leader to say. But, far be it for fake news hack Maggie Haberman to let that quote go unspoiled. She pathetically tried to insult the President over it. She tried to compare Donald Trump’s blocking of Twitter accounts to the entire shutdown of the Internet by the Iranian government.

Nice try, Maggie. There’s just one problem. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Using fake news, the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman compared President Trump’s blocking individuals on Twitter to the government of Iran’s blocking the entire Internet. Not only is the comparison itself shrill and emotional, Haberman’s claim that Trump can block individuals from seeing his Twitter feed is flat-out false…

The left-wing and famously dishonest Haberman — who believes so strongly in freedom of the press that she allowed Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to tie her up (literally) — was apparently triggered by this tweet from an Associated Press reporter: “Trump administration calls on #Iran to unblock Instagram, other social media amid protests.”

Using her own verified Twitter account, Haberman responded directly to this news with a straight-up piece of fake news as a means to create an equivalence. [Source: Breitbart]

Desperate and pathetic aren’t strong enough words to describe the liberal media. They are so hateful of the President, they will use Iran’s upheaval to slander him.

Let’s break this down. It’s known that once in a while, President Trump will block a user account from seeing his tweets. Every user can do this. It’s normal. He does not, however, have the power to prevent people from using the Internet. That includes using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and popular social media sites. Haberman is trying to equate Iran’s violation of free speech with Trump’s personal actions. They’re not even close.

You might say Trump is being mean by blocking users, but they are hardly banned from seeing his feed. All they have to do is create a new account and start following him again, or — even simpler — just log out of their blocked account and read his feed.

Haberman is simply not telling the truth with the claim that Trump “often blocks individual people from seeing the @realDonaldTrump Twitter feed.”

Unless Trump holds some magical superpower that controls the entire Internet, he does not have the ability to block anyone from seeing his Twitter feed. To say otherwise is wildly misleading.

It is common knowledge that a Twitter block only affects specific Twitter accounts — not people or individuals. If someone blocks your account and you still want full access to their Twitter feed, all you have to do is sign out of your account. Once you are signed out, you can look at anyone’s account free and clear.

This is Twitter 101.

Everyone knows this.

Haberman should know this. [Source: Breitbart]

THIS. This right here is why we call the liberal media FAKE NEWS. They are deliberately lying in order to slam the President.

Is Haberman so tech illiterate that she doesn’t understand how Twitter works? Or, is she being openly dishonest? She’s either that stupid or just a liar. Either way, she embarrassed herself with this ridiculous attack.

But, this is today’s left in a nutshell. They cannot beat Trump on the issues, so they’ve resorted to petty, school-yard bullying. Worse than that, they are lying so they can compare our President to the vile, corrupt, and abusive Iranian regime. This is what liberal media looks like in 2018.

As we learned from WikiLeaks during the 2016 election, Haberman is a Hillary confederate, someone the campaign relied upon as a “friendly journalist” who “teed up” stories for them and “never disappointed” in that regard.

And moments like this only prove that Haberman can still be counted on, even to the point where she publicly spreads a falsehood, conjuring up a hysterical comparison between an American president and a murderous regime. [Source: Breitbart]

It really makes you think. We are forced to wonder why anyone is willing to support liberal media anymore. Even liberal Americans have to see the obvious dishonesty. When will enough of us drop them — forcing them to change?