Liberal Senator Wants To ‘Avoid’ Constitutional Discussions About Our Rights

Barack Obama’s executive orders on gun control have angered the law-abiding gun owners in the country, and because of these actions, a hearing is now in progress to discuss whether he violated the constitutional rights of Americans. However, one liberal Democrat has decided that the answer to making sure Obama’s executive action goes through is to ignore the Constitution, and she’s entirely serious.

It’s cute when liberal use words they don’t understand, like “Constitution,” “rights,” or “guns.” But to go so far as to say no constitutional discussion is to be had about gun rights on the executive orders is new low, even for Democrats. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happened, as a member of our own United States Congress is avoiding a discussion about the very Constitution they’ve sworn to uphold.

Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski said, “So let’s solve the problem. Let’s not get involved in constitutional arguments, and let’s help our American people be safe and secure in their home, their neighborhood, their school, and their house of worship.”

Barbara Mikulski, (D) -Maryland
Barbara Mikulski, (D) -Maryland

How exactly does this Democrat propose that a hearing discussing Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions on gun rights and the Second Amendment proceed without discussing the constitutional rights outlined in the Constitution? Logic is entirely wasted here.

Unfortunately, Mikuslki didn’t stop there. In her completely irrational and totalitarian tirade, she went on to pat Loretta Lynch’s backside. Lynch is the fascist Attorney General who replaced the freedom-trampling and incompetent Eric Holder, and like Mikuslki and Obama, she is a die-hard supporter of the disarmament of America. Mikuslki looks forward to hearing more from Lynch, and Lynch is confident that Obama’s “pen and phone” moment, in which he signed away your rights, was well within the laws already established.

While Democrats seek to avoid the Constitution and honoring the rights of Americans at all cost, Republicans are stepping up for us. “The department is on notice,” Alabama Senator Richard Shelby told Lynch. “This subcommittee will have no part in undermining the Constitution and the rights that it protects.” Even Donald Trump said he’d undo these executive orders if he becomes the next president.

Democrats should all attempt to read a dictionary. I know, it’s hard, but they might learn something. It isn’t all that difficult to see that executive orders, redefining laws about the Second Amendment of our Constitution, are not only unconstitutional, but by the very definition, constitutional arguments against it are necessary to prove its unconstitutionality. Perhaps liberals should worry more about the terrorists finding their way into the country, rather than restricting the rights of its civilians to defend themselves against said terrorists.

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