[Video] Hell Has Frozen Over! Rabid Liberal Slams Obama, Praises Trump

Devout fans of a popular mega-liberal alternative news source must have thought Hell froze over last week when they saw a video put out by one of their leaders. In spite of the major on-air meltdown the host had on election night, less than a month later, he produced a selfie-style video praising Donald Trump and slamming Barack Obama for one huge thing that has millions of folks scraping their jaws up off the floor.

Supporters of Donald Trump have a lot of confidence in his ability to get our economy turned around, considering he’s proven himself to be a brilliant businessman and the fact that he’s never been a politician before, so he’s not in anyone’s pocket. However, the people who dislike or even hate Trump have consistently refused to acknowledge the obvious benefits of a Trump presidency — until now.

Cenk Uygur, the rabidly liberal/progressive host of The Young Turks online political show, is the last person we expected to see saying anything in favor of Donald Trump. However, that’s exactly what he did in an impromptu video after he heard the news that Donald Trump and Mike Pence struck a smart deal with Carrier to save a thousand American jobs.

As if the fact that Uygur praised Trump wasn’t shocking enough, jaws hit the floor when Uygur began slamming Barack Obama for not ever trying — or perhaps having no idea where to even begin — to do what Trump did less than a month after he was elected and before he’s even been sworn in as president.

After saying that Trump’s deal with Carrier was a “giant political win,” Uygur  continued praising the President-elect’s strategy. “Trump talked a big game about how he was going to bully these companies and threaten tariffs and stuff. Instead, in this deal, it appears they are going to back off the tariff stuff and instead give the company tax cuts. So, I get it. I get the downside of this. But now, let’s talk about one of the things he did that was actually really positive. He said, ‘Look, your parent company is United Technologies, and it has a lot of government contracts. If you want to get United States government contracts, you’re going to have to keep some of your jobs in the United States,’” Uygur pointed out, in praise of Trump’s brilliant business sense.

Doubling down, Uygur added some well-deserved, but extremely unlikely criticism of President Obama. “I’m sorry if you’re a Democrat and you like Obama. I hate to break your heart, and you want to hate me for it, and that’s fine, but Obama wouldn’t have done that. That’s not who he is; he is not that guy… If he wanted, he could have pressured Carrier, but he didn’t pressure Carrier, he didn’t pressure United Technologies, and he didn’t threaten to take away their government contracts because he’s not that strong,” Uygur ranted, shocking viewers.

It seems that even the most fervent haters of Donald Trump may be waking up to the reality that he actually does have Americans’ best interests in mind and that, not only does he intend to keep his campaign promises, he’s already doing it brilliantly. Is it possible that Trump possesses what it takes to flip even the most stubborn opinions of the far-left Democrat worshipers over to his side? It certainly appears that he does.

Hell may have just frozen over, my friends, and it couldn’t have happened at a more critical time. After eight years of an economically incompetent “Divider-in-Chief,” it looks like President-elect Donald Trump will help unite America again, beginning with the one thing that everyone on the political spectrum wants the most — a healthy economy with plenty of jobs to go around.

[h/t Inquisitr]

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