Liberal Who Stole Student’s MAGA Hat Not Smiling After Learning Where She’ll Be Going

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After a triggered liberal was filmed stealing and throwing a tantrum over a classmate’s “Make America Great Again” hat, she was forced by police to give his property back. However, just when she thought she got away with harassing, threatening, and stealing from another student, her smile quickly faded when she learned where she’ll be going soon.

Liberal Who Stole Student's MAGA Hat Not Smiling After Learning Where She'll Be Going
Just when Edith Macias (center and right) thought she had gotten away with stealing Matthew Vitale’s (left) MAGA hat, she received perfectly terrible news. (Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Screenshot/YouTube, Edith Macias/Facebook)

When UC Riverside student Edith Macias was captured on film incessantly screeching about classmate’s campaign hat she had snatched, she became the face of the stereotypical triggered college snowflake. After several minutes of childishly demanding that campus authorities punish Matthew Vitale for wearing the hat simply because it offended her hair-trigger sensibilities, she was forced to return his property once police arrived and resolved the situation. Of course, Macias likely believed that she had abused the young conservative without consequence when she left the building. Unfortunately for her, the ramifications of her moronic paroxysm have just begun.

The College Fix reports that initially, Vitale declined to press charges against Macias because the evidence he recorded would only result in a misdemeanor. However, shortly after he thought Macias had gotten away with her bullying stunt, she foolishly posted her own video to her Facebook page that shows her grabbing the hat from Vitale’s head, allowing him to now press felony theft charges and take her to court.

Once Vitale was informed that Macias’ self-incriminating video upgrades her charges to a felony, he decided to pursue charges in the hopes that the trial will send a message to other intolerant liberal students that infringing upon their peers’ First Amendment rights will not go unpunished.

“I do want to send a message,” Vitale said. “I am not vindictive, I am not vengeful, but people especially in my generation need to realize you can’t do things like this because you don’t like what someone is saying or wearing.”

Vitale explained that it’s not the crime itself that’s so abhorrent but the nature of the crime. He understands that the war on free speech begins with minor offenses like prohibiting individuals from wearing expressive clothing but leads to far greater thought criminalization.

“Free speech is under attack on campus,” added Vitale, a leader within the school’s College Republicans. “As cliche as it sounds, the facts of our laws and our Constitution … don’t care about what you feel. For millennials everywhere who believe their feelings give them the right to step on the rights of others — you are sadly misguided. That is not the real world.”

Macias has caught wind that Vitale is seeking a felony charge against her and is desperately scrambling to avoid the consequences of her actions. In an effort to prevent justice, Macias has gathered supporters who are circulating the “Statement of Solidarity with Edith Macias” petition demanding that the university in Southern California “grant Macias amnesty and protection from any student or legal charges,” Breitbart reports. Disturbingly, Macias and her liberal friends seem to believe that a taxpayer-funded school has jurisdiction over local authorities.

In addition to pleading with the university to act as a sanctuary campus for her to avoid criminal charges, Macias has narcissistically given the school an ultimatum to pay for “alternate housing accommodations” for her and her family. Macias claims that she deserves taxpayer provided housing on top of her taxpayer-funded education, and likely other amenities because she has allegedly been threatened.

So far, the university has issued a vague statement that seemingly takes no sides, despite Macias breaking both campus and federal laws.

“Coequal to our dedication to mutual respect is our commitment to free speech and the free exchange of ideas,” the message stated. “A university requires an environment where students and scholars can freely express ideas and pursue knowledge, while also promoting respectful dialogue among individuals or groups with opposing viewpoints.”

If the university truly believes this, they will not only agree with Macias being criminally charged but will punish her themselves. Macias undeniably attempted to take away another student’s freedom of speech and offered disrespectful and threatening dialogue to stifle his opposing viewpoint. The video showcases Macias’ dedication to violating everything they listed in their response.

Liberals have a nasty habit of demanding equality for minorities, which they already have, while subsequently treating them with special privilege. Thusly, liberals are showcasing the belief that minorities are not equal to the white majority and are not actually endowed with the ability to do for themselves as the white majority. In reality, the left is perpetuating the idea that minorities are inferior races that are not as capable and resourceful as whites, and that they must be dependent upon the white majority. This is nothing short of a racist mindset.

Hopefully, Macias will discover the penalty for obstructing someone’s First Amendment rights considering that she not only tried to steal his property but also his freedom of speech, which is a much worse offense.

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