Liberal Students Learn Professor Voted For Trump, WATCH What They Do Next

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Screenshots from an undercover video that shows what liberal students at American University were willing to do to professors who voted for Donald Trump.

A new undercover video exposes just how “tolerant” liberals are when it comes to political viewpoints which are different from their own. When several college students learned that they could be getting a professor who voted for President Donald Trump, what they did next was enough to make you boycott higher education altogether.

An undercover reporter posed as a student at American University, where he proceeded to easily convince several of his peers to sign a petition that would prevent the school from hiring any professors who voted for Trump. That would “make students feel unsafe,” he claimed. Shockingly, most agreed with him.

Proving the level of indoctrination taking place on college campuses in our country, which are the Democratic Party’s most fertile breeding ground, one student happily signed the petition, saying, “[America] is not really a democracy anymore so we can’t really play by the normal rules anymore.”

Throughout the day it became clear that the overwhelming majority of students on campus had no interest in hearing from any professor holding political beliefs different from their own. Student after student eagerly signed the petition; one said having a professor who voted for Trump would “really inhibit people from going to class.” [Source: Campus Reform]

“Anyone who, like, voted for Donald Trump is, like, normalizing racism and fascism,” said the undercover reporter. “That’s true,” agreed one student while signing her name. Another student told the reporter that the university had previously sent out an email “officially condemning Trump.”

In all, there was only one student who would not sign the petition. “I can’t, I’m sorry,” he said. “I don’t necessarily agree with those positions, but I feel like people should have the right to make those decisions, but I appreciate what you’re doing.”

The undercover reporter even managed to secure a signature from a member of the faculty at American University without any coaxing whatsoever.

So much for “diversity” and “acceptance.” Sadly, college campuses have become nothing more than echo chambers for the liberal agenda. You might as well be writing checks to the DNC if you send your child off to a school like the one where this disconcerting video was filmed.

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