Liberal In ‘F*ck Trump’ Shirt Passes Patriots, Gets Smirk Wiped Off Face

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Lib In ‘F*ck Trump’ Shirt Passed Patriots, Got Smug Grin Wiped Off His Face
Images from the now-viral video (Source: Facebook)

An incredible video is circulating social media after a punk thought it would be a good idea to walk by a group of badass patriots while wearing a shirt that simply read, “F*ck Trump.” Unfortunately for the clueless liberal, things would soon take a turn when a few real men started walking in his direction – and that’s about the time that he got the smug grin wiped off his face for good.

The left has begun shifting toward violence in an attempt to get their way. However, we have yet to hear any Democrat leaders speak out against the criminal activity of violent liberals, such as the ones belonging to the domestic terror organization known as Antifa.

As one would imagine, there’s only so many times you can poke the bear before getting mauled – and leftists everywhere are learning this the hard way.

Leaving supporters of President Donald Trump with no choice but to fight b, well, let’s just say the overly dependent basement dwellers would much rather their victims didn’t fight back, and of course, they are quick to complain when they do.

That was proven most recently in a video released on Facebook by Redpill Retro Playa. Currently, it’s unknown where the incident took place, but a few Trump supporters weren’t too happy to see a smug liberal walk by them in a shirt bashing our president.

Fuck Trump shirt gets torn apart

Posted by Redpill Retro Playa on Monday, May 8, 2017

As seen in the clip, the group of men went over to have a little chat with the liberal over his “F*ck Trump” shirt. Unfortunately for him, the leftist was dumb enough to smile in the faces of the patriots, prompting some serious trouble.

Just like that, the badasses decided to wipe the smug grin off the bold little liberal’s face once and for all – and it all started when one man grabbed him from behind. From there, a second whipped out a knife and grabbed the man’s shirt by the collar only to slice it down the front. Clearly realizing that he wasn’t in the company of his leftist cohorts anywhere, the desperate punk did everything he could to weasel away before finally being allowed to run away.

Of course, there are a few things worth point out here, the first of which being that this guy wasn’t physically hurt and really only suffered about $20 worth of property damage. Second, many people on social media are claiming that the video was staged – and it very well might have been. Even their YouTube page describes the people who posted the video as “video creators.”

That isn’t stopping hypocritical liberals from belly-aching about what happened, even though these are the people who were responsible for provoking violence on peaceful individuals all across the country. The left was responsible for incidents like this:

Lib In ‘F*ck Trump’ Shirt Passed Patriots, Got Smug Grin Wiped Off His Face
Trump supporter violently attacked by liberals

And this:

Lib In ‘F*ck Trump’ Shirt Passed Patriots, Got Smug Grin Wiped Off His Face
Trump supporter violently attacked by liberals

If we included all the pictures of violence and destruction of property from the left’s beloved Black Lives Matter movement or Antifa, this would be the article that never ends. Even so, liberals actually have the gall to complain about this likely fake video despite what their own people continue to do to this day.

Here’s a little tip for all the crybaby leftists out there – if you don’t want violence, don’t start it. However, if you want to stop the physical altercations, focus on the wide-spread violence in your own party first before the one-off retaliatory events from those you’ve endlessly provoked. You don’t get to start a war and then complain when the enemy fights back. You got what you asked for, now deal it.