Liberal TV Host Desperate for You to Forget Who She Was Supporting

One of the most outspoken anti-Trump TV hosts, Samantha Bee, was caught with her pants down. Her show is scrambling to remove traces of segments where she supported a notorious scumbag. She’s hoping you’ll forget, but we won’t let that happen.

Samantha Bee is a rabid Trump-hater. Yet she had no problem supporting a real-life monster. (Photo Credit: Montclair Film/Flickr)

In the battle of the culture wars, late-night TV is decidedly liberal. Once upon a time, Americans could watch an hour of comedy at the end of a long day. It was a relaxing diversion from all the headaches of the outside world. Talk show hosts provided “light” entertainment, jokes, and interviews. All of America loved the likes of Johnny Carson and his apolitical content.

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Those days are long gone. Since Donald Trump was elected president, late-night TV has become all but liberal propaganda. Hosts like Stephen Colbert openly praised Marxist leaders in response to Donald Trump Jr. tweets. The rest of the pack is just as toxic and hateful. Perhaps worst of all is Samantha Bee.

Bee likes to positional herself as the only female late-night host in a crowd of men. From her days on The Daily Show, she scored a show on TBS. The poor imitation of The Tonight Show tries to provide comedic segments, with a heavy dose of liberal dogma. As a self-proclaimed feminist, Bee spends most of her time complaining about President Donald Trump and conservatives. She pays special attention to the hacks on the left, propping up Democrats whenever she has the opportunity.

But all of that liberal-worship has come to bite her on the ass. It was discovered Samantha Bee’s show featured an extensive segment praising a Democratic politician. She claimed this man would be the answer to Donald Trump. In fact, she even portrayed him as some kind of superhero.

Now, she and her show are scrubbing all mentions of this man. I guess he wasn’t the savior they hoped he would be? How come? Oh, it was Eric Schneiderman, the man who sexually abused four women and called his Shri Lankan girlfriend a “brown slave.”


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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee featured a segment effusively praising former New York Attorney General and alleged abuser Eric Schneiderman last fall and is now hastily walking it back.

Amidst the recent allegations against Schneiderman of non-consensual physical assault by four separate women, Bee and her nightly talk show are doing damage control for their part in promoting both him and his work in November 2017. Bee’s team has already removed a tweet from the show’s Twitter timeline, as called out by Jack Posobiec, and renamed the clip on their YouTube channel of Schneiderman’s appearance on the show to “Former AG Tricks Sam Into Thinking He Was Decent.”

The segment called Schneiderman “a hero who stood up to democracy’s nemesis” and likens him first to Superman and then to Spider-Man. Both in language and imagery, Schneiderman is positioned as a “hero,” and President Donald Trump his “Lex Luthor.” He is also called a “deadly viper” and a “white mamba.” [Source: Breitbart]

Bee’s show heaped a ton of praise on Schneiderman, at a time when he was barely in the spotlight. As AG of New York, he was investigating Harvey Weinstein. But beyond that, there was little he did that deserved attention. Unless, of course, you’re a liberal TV host.

You have to keep in mind that Democrats live in a giant bubble from reality. The con artists in the media support the con artists in Washington, D.C. They spend a ton of money propping up candidates like Hillary Clinton. Schneiderman was once considered a Clinton ally; he even eyed a future in her White House. So, it comes as no surprise that a left-wing hack like Bee would hype up this Democrat.

It’s just all so ironic. Her show portrayed Schneiderman as a Spider-man-like hero, even showing his name against a web. They had a sit-down interview with the man, clearly hoping to give him some positive screen time to improve his image and future political campaigns. How did Bee not notice the warning signs?

Many are now talking about how Schneiderman had a reputation. He abused drugs and alcohol. His treatment of women was certainly talked about. Years ago, Donald Trump predicted his downfall. So, what’s the story, Bee? Were you completely unaware your “hero” was a scumbag? Or did you deliberately ignore the rumors swirling around, because he was a Democrat?

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The double standard can’t be ignored. Liberals take any rumor or hint of a rumor about Trump and twist it into a controversy. But they ignore — or even cover up — actual evidence of Democratic wrongdoing. Bee is only now trying to fix her mistakes after Schneiderman’s crimes were plastered all over the Internet. Maybe Bee, and the rest of her late-night buddies, should look for better people to worship.