Liberal Jerk DISRESPECTS Veteran Asking About Military Discount, BIG Mistake

An active duty soldier, who served two tours in Afghanistan, was back stateside when he decided to go out to eat. When he got to the cashier, he asked if they offered a discount. A woman in line behind him thought it would be a good idea to disrespect him in a big way right in front of everyone, but he and everyone else got the last laugh.

Excerpt from Facebook post

Unfortunately, the establishment where the unidentified soldier went to eat didn’t offer a discount, which he was fine with, but he wouldn’t have known unless he asked. However, a snotty woman behind him thought it was rude to even inquire about it, then accused him of being “entitled” because he serves our nation proudly. Big mistake.

According to Hrtwarming, his Facebook post on the incident said, “As a military vet who has served two tours in Afghanistan, and I’m still on active duty (though I’m now stationed locally in the US). I don’t expect special treatment from civilians for my service, but I do know that many stores offer discounts to active military personnel and so I usually ask cashiers if they offer the discount. Today, I encountered someone really rude when I asked—and it wasn’t the cashier. I had to say something.”

  • Me: Do you offer military discount?
  • Cashier: No sir we don’t.
  • Lady in line behind me: Rude…
  • *Cashier and I stare blankly at her
  • Lady: All of you think you’re entitled because you’re in the military and deserve special privileges. My God…
  • Me: No ma’am. It’s a discount not a privilege. A privilege is being able to go home to your family every night while living in a free country because some people willingly give up their “privileges” so people like you can have them.
  • Lady……….
  • Me: Sorry if asking for a discount offended YOU.

Bravo, soldier! Sometimes people need to be put in check when they forget why it is they’re even able to run their ignorant mouths. This soldier’s epic tale doesn’t end there, however.

  • Man at back of line: Here’s your military discount. (pays for my meal)
  • Man’s Wife: You deserve it… for having to put up with [EXPLITIVE]’s like her.

Amen! It’s sad that as a nation, we’ve become so far detached from the principles that made us great — one of which is supporting the warriors who volunteer to protect our rights and our freedoms. God Bless our troops, and God Bless America!

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