Liberals Enraged After Spotting A Surprise On Victoria’s Secret ‘Sexy’ List

Liberals Spot A Surprise On Victoria's Secret 'Sexy' List That Enrages Them
Pictured left to right: Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Nikki Reed, & Mandy Moore (Image credit: Twitter)

Victoria’s Secret is normally loved by liberals, but now that the 2017 “#WhatIsSexy” list has been released, the lingerie giant is in hot water with the left. In yet another instance of left-wing absurdity, liberals are losing their minds over what they noticed on the list.

A glance at this year’s list does not give most of us any surprises as if we cared enough to truly form an opinion. Liberals, on the other hand, love to whine at every opportunity, and this instance is no different.

As reported in Indy100, a few of the #WhatIsSexy list’s highlights included the following winners:

  • Sexiest actress: Mandy Moore
  • Sexiest entertainer: Taylor Swift
  • Sexiest songstress: Lady Gaga
  • Sexiest mogul: Lauren Conrad
  • Sexiest Breakout Star: Riley Keough
  • Sexiest DJ: Alexandra Richards
  • Sexiest Smile: Victoria Justice
  • Forever Sexy: Margot Robbie

The title of the Indy article clearly communicates the ever present left-wing cry of racism and white privilege: “People Are Angry About The Lack Of Women Of Color On Victoria Secret’s ‘Sexy List.’

Crybabies? I think so. One writer, Mary Anderson, complained about the list, saying, “Nicolette Mason, Jessamyn Stanley, Tess Holliday, Nikkie Tutorials, Raye Boyce, Nadia freakin’ Aboulhosn… There’s a whole social media universe full of women who represent the full spectrum of what it means to be sexy. Victoria’s Secret chose to ignore that.”

Give us a break, liberals. As India Today points out, Priyanka Chopra made the list alongside Lady Gaga and the others. I suppose that the Indian celebrity is not considered “a person of color”?

India Today makes a valid point about Chopra, but their article contains its own bit of whining:

While all may seem perfectly hot and sexy about this list, critics haven’t failed to notice something very toxic about it. Apart from PeeCee, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung and Rachel Barnes, every woman on the list is white, thin and young. A Mashable report has criticised this list: “Beyond the lack of racial diversity amongst winners: there is no – repeat no – size diversity on the list, a complaint about the company’s 2016 winners that was apparently ignored.”

A lack of racial diversity and “no size diversity”? Apparently, these criticisms are not unique to only a few outlets. Consider these gems:

As silly as this whole thing sounds, it is only a matter of time before the LGBT community gets involved. While some of the winners may have shown homosexual tendencies occasionally, there are no gays on the list and no transgenders (that we know of, anyway.) Of course, Palm Springs is listed as the sexiest city, so perhaps it covers the gay and trans-demographic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to worry about was criticizing silly sexy lists from organizations like Victoria’s Secret? The reason you do not hear much of this sort of thing from the conservative crowd is because we have jobs and work to support ourselves and our families.

Fortunately, there are more level-headed people in the world than there are loony liberals who like to complain. Left-wingers are loud, and they scream and broadcast every chance they get, even about petty little lists. What incredible lives they must lead.

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