Liberal Yale Dean Bashes White ‘Morons,’ Gets Brutal Dose Of Own Medicine

Liberal Yale Dean Bashes White 'Morons,' Gets Brutal Dose Of Own Medicine
After Yale University’s Pierson College Dean June Chu (left) bashed whites on Yelp, she got a brutal dose of her own politically correct medicine. (Photo source: Breitbart, Yale University)

After a liberal dean of Yale University was lauded for her achievements in cultural sensitivity, she proceeded to bash whites as “trash” and “barely educated morons.” However, as soon as she patted herself on the back for her racist rant, she soon got a taste of her own politically correct medicine.

Despite claiming to be the champions of equality and race relations, the left consistently shows their racist tendencies, ironically exalting non-white races above the majority. Racistly bashing Caucasians, or any ethnicity on the right, these social justice warriors often believe they’re exempt from their own rules. Unfortunately for one liberal activist, she discovered that even her race couldn’t save her from the effects of her own “progressive” values.

June Chu has long been praised for her efforts in support of “cultural sensitivity,” equality, and inclusiveness. The politically correct feminist seemed to be the epitome of the left’s values, boasting a Ph.D. in social psychology and working her way up to the dean of Yale University’s Pierson College. Although she promised tolerance to all of her 500 students, she was soon caught bashing the majority of them in a bigoted tirade.

Yale students uncovered several racist posts made by Chu before and during her time as dean that show the world just how “culturally sensitive” she really is. Fox News reports that Chu took to repeatedly bashing white people as “white trash” and “low-class folks” on Yelp reviews, completely destroying her esteemed reputation.

“If you are white trash, this is the perfect night out for you!” Chu wrote in a review about a Japanese restaurant, which she said lacked authenticity but was perfect for “those low class folks who believe this is a real night out.”

“Side note: employees are Chinese, not Japanese,” added Chu, who identifies in one review as Chinese American. In another restaurant review she said, “I guess if you were a white person who has no clue what mochi is, this would be fine for you.”

Chu’s racist rants (Photo source: Breitbart)

Students forwarded Chu’s racist comments to Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway, forcing Chu to quickly issue a schoolwide apology for fear of losing her job after an outcry on campus for her reprimand.

“I am concerned about the shadow that my actions have thrown on my efforts to create an environment in Pierson that respects everyone,” Chu wrote the Yale Daily News. “I am especially concerned that it could prevent anyone from coming to me for the support that I offer to all Pierson students.”

Oddly enough, students only stumbled upon Chu’s comments after she bragged in a collegewide email about becoming “Yelp Elite” and being highly rated by the website for her “well-written reviews,” according to The Washington Post. The students then searched for Chu’s reviews, finding several culturally offensive rants containing stereotyped allegations.

Many thought that Chu’s offensive rants are not only proof of her failure as a dean but showcase the hypocrisy of the political left. Chu often chastised the white majority for racism only to be outed as a racist herself.

“Many studies continue to indicate differences between white American college students and those from ethnic minority groups,” Chu wrote. “Thus, when we as advisers only advocate following one’s passion, we should ask of ourselves if we are microaggressors, telling students that is the only right way to engage in education.”

Chu not only outed herself as a closet racist but did so on the merit of her fight for racial and cultural equality. Of course, she mistakenly believed that she could get away with showing her bigoted nature as long as it was against “white” people. She segregated herself while deeming her white peers as inferior to her simply because of the color of their skin.

It’s incredibly satisfying to see liberal’s ridiculous policies come back to bite them. Unfortunately for Chu, her privileged minority status simply wasn’t enough to spare her from deserved backlash as Americans are becoming more fed up with being constantly told they’re racist.

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