As Liberals Praise Anti-Trump Book, Readers Shocked By What’s Seen On First Few Pages

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The left has been having a full-blown celebration after an anti-Trump book, claiming to expose the secrets of President Donald Trump’s White House was released by author Michael Wolff. However, liberals may want to tone it down as readers have been left completely shocked by what’s seen within the first few pages.

As Liberals Praise Anti-Trump Book, Readers Shocked By What’s Seen On First Few Pages
Michael Wolff (left), his book (center), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/CNN, Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

It doesn’t take much to get the left all riled up. For instance, we can all remember how they reacted when they heard that a special counsel was being assembled to look into so-called “collusion” with Russia. Here we are, almost a year later now, and there’s absolutely bupkis to show as a result — except wasted resources.

Unfortunately, it looks like the left hasn’t quite been embarrassed enough as they’ve decided to get all worked up again, this time over a book after Michael Wolff released “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

In the book, Wolff claims to have been able to get an inside look at all the dirty secrets that Trump and his administration don’t want out when it comes to the dealings of the Oval Office. Allegedly achieved by interview after interview, the finished product is a collaboration of accounts combined to become what Wolff is offering as a reason to have Trump removed under the 25th amendment, calling him “mentally unfit.”

Of course, it’s already being ripped apart. Not only is Wolff being chewed up and spat out by fellow journalists who say he lacks credibility, but even President Trump has come forward to say just that, offering Wolff’s own past as evidence.

“I authorized Zero access to White House (actually turned him down many times) for author of phony book!” the President tweeted. “I never spoke to him for book. Full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don’t exist. Look at this guy’s past and watch what happens to him and Sloppy Steve!”

Although the left is still lauding the book as the potential end of Trump, they may not want to hold their breath. Come to find out, readers – both liberal and conservative alike – have been left completely and utterly shocked to see what was on the first few pages.

Exposed by Joe Borelli‏, a member of the New York City Council, it looks like Wolff put a disclaimer in the beginning of his book, outwardly and unashamedly declaring that parts are untrue. “Many of the accounts of what has happened in the Trump White House are in conflict with one another; many, in Trumpian fashion, are baldly untrue,” Wolff’s disclaimer begins, and it only gets worse from there.

“Those conflicts, and that looseness with the truth, if not with reality itself, are an elemental thread of the book,” he continues. “Sometimes I have let the players offer their versions, in turn allowing the reader to judge them. In other instances I have, through a consistency in accounts and through sources I have come to trust, settled on a version of events I believe to be true.”

That doesn’t sound like very fine journalism, does it? Unfortunately, this isn’t something that you’ll hear from the liberal mainstream media anytime soon because, well, it basically implodes anything that Wolff had to say in the rest of the book. I mean, this guy literally told everyone that what he allegedly heard was nothing more than gossip, if we can even believe he heard anything at all, but he decided to offer the juiciest parts as a reason to impeach Trump.

Even worse yet, parts of the book have already been debunked, as Weasel Zippers gives a few examples. First explaining that “it claims that Roger Ailes suggested John Boehner for a position to Trump,” the source adds, “Leaving aside that unlikely event, the book then tells you Trump’s response was ‘Who?’ But Trump has multiple tweets over [the] years talking about Boehner and he’s even golfed with him. So he obviously knows him. But it’s put in there to make him sound dangerously ignorant because that serves the narrative.”

Too bad for those touting the anti-Trump claims, the reality that it’s all bunk will only keep surfacing as people continue to dig through the glorified work of fiction. Once again, Trump will be vindicated, and his haters will have to choke on the fact that he’s really not as bad as everyone says he is. How much more evidence do you need when the guy who writes a book based on claims admits that it’s all unverified and mostly false? The truth always prevails – and this case will be no different.