Liberals Attack After Seeing What Barron Did While Stepping Off Marine Force One

Libs Furious To See What Barron Did To Marine While Stepping Off Helicopter After Vacation
The Trump Family stepping off of Marine Force One

President Donald Trump and his family recently spent their first weekend at Camp David, returning to the White House before the beginning of the new week. While the First Family was stepping off Marine Force One, people couldn’t help but notice what Barron Trump did – and liberals are downright furious over it.

Although most people would rather the children of the president remain off-limits to the press, the left recently felt the need to report on Barron playing with a fidget spinner and wearing a “The Expert” shirt as he stepped off Air Force One for the first time In Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, it seems that the innocent kid has most recently hit the news again. They just can’t seem to leave this kid alone.

As if it wasn’t already clear that Barron is just a kid trying to make his way through a very public life, what he did while returning from Camp David this weekend certainly did. Although the occurrence started as you would expect, things took a turn just a few moments after the family stepped off of Marine Force One.

Departing Marine One, Barron swung around to behold the Marine sentinel guarding him and his mom and dad.

Overwhelmed with curiosity, Barron whipped out his red iPhone and snapped a photo of the saluting Marine standing guard. The move, which every kid on earth can relate to, demonstrates that Barron looks at our badass military as Instagram-worthy. [Source: IJ Review]

Barron reminded the world that he’s just an 11-year-old boy who is as curious as the rest of them. Of course, that wouldn’t stop those with “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” a term coined for those with blind hatred toward anything and everything having to do with the president, from attacking the boy and his family in whatever way they could, even when it doesn’t make sense to do so.

Although most of the world was absolutely taken back by the breath of fresh air that came out of the moment, a furious few bashed FOX News for using Barron as a “political prop” to “humanize” his father. After all, the left only wants to portray Trump as a monster, and innocent moments like this doesn’t do them any favors.

Making matters worse, there’s always at least one moron who takes to attacking the kid himself:

Barron is living an amazing life. He’s the son of a billionaire and a model… why would anyone in their right mind feel sorry for him? Too bad for the liberal schmuck, plenty of people were standing by to defend Barron:

This is just a boy trying to get through a life that isn’t really all that natural for a kid. Consumed by curiosity and fascination, this is about as pure and unadulterated as it comes. There is nothing more refreshing than the sheer innocence of children – and the fact that the left can see something worth attacking in this moment goes to show just how nasty they really are.

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