Liberals Hold Concert For Muslim Refugees, Get Sick ‘Thanks’ From Their Beloved Migrants

At the annual “Peace & Love” festival, which has previously been headlined by liberal celebs like Rihanna (left), leftists got more than they bargained for from their Muslim migrant beneficiaries. (Photo Source: Gigwise, Rockfoto)

In order to help refugees and demand that we open our borders to millions of more migrants, anti-Trump leftists held a “Peace & Love” benefit concert. After graciously welcoming asylum seekers, liberal attendees were given a “thanks” they weren’t expecting, courtesy of their own beloved migrants.

Although liberals would like nothing more than for their emotional delusions to come true, tolerance and “love” will never eradicate Islamic terrorism. In fact, many are finding that despite the propaganda that tugs at their heartstrings, this approach results in the Islamic takeover of Western culture and, of course, an increase in terror attacks. Still, leftists crusade through the devastating effects of their own agenda until they themselves fall victim to the ideology they’ve appeased.

Each year, Sweden hosts the country’s largest music festival in which tens of thousands of attendees support far-left policies, including campaigns in support of open borders and against “Islamophobia.” However, despite ironically beefing up security measures to prevent terror attacks at this year’s event, which was dedicated to Muslim refugees, concert-goers fell prey to yet another one of Islam’s horrific jihad tactics.

Fria Tider reports that while singer Miriam Bryant was performing to bring awareness to asylum seekers, a woman was sexually assaulted by a group of men suspected of being migrants. Borlänge police confirmed that the woman was the victim of “sex crimes” during the July 7 festival, which supports open borders and mass migration.

According to Aftonbladet, the police were very cryptic about the suspects’ description and refused to explain the nature of the sexual assault that took place, prompting speculation that the men were asylum seekers. While authorities always divulge descriptions when perpetrators are native Swedes, they typically censor both the names and backgrounds of migrant criminals.

“Exactly what happened, I can not go into that much,” says Henrik Olars, press communications officer at the police in Dalarna, to Aftonbladet. “Generally, when it comes to sexual molestation in public contexts, it can be difficult to identify an offender, but if it is so in this case I can not say at present.”

A similar attack occurred at 2016’s “Peace & Love” festival, yet police again refused to give any information about the suspects. However, details soon surfaced that the victim was an 18-year-old girl who was brutally raped by a migrant attendee and required emergency medical treatment. Furthermore, at least 6 other complaints of sexual assault and dozens of physical assaults occurred. Officials later admitted that all suspects who had been arrested were migrants. Disturbingly, police ultimately freed 3 suspects simply because they “claimed to be minors.”

Perhaps even more disturbing is how liberal Swedish officials have “remedied” these sex attacks at festivals. In response to rising sex crimes mostly perpetrated by Muslim migrants, police distributed “Do Not Molest Me” bracelets. Hoping to passively convince asylum seekers from raping women and children, authorities instead saw 35 girls between the ages of 12 and 17 sexually assaulted by migrants. One such victim was 17-year-old Alexandra Larsson, who wasn’t saved by liberal activists’ moral message.

“I do not know what to think, it is so wrong. Everyone thinks it’s wrong but nothing happens,” she said. “The perpetrators will be so anonymous in the audience that they will get away with sex crimes. That is the main problem, that the perpetrators get away with it. It’s not okay. I should be able to go to festivals and have fun like everyone else without being afraid. It is wrong, really wrong, but that’s the feeling I have after yesterday. It’s damn hard that ordinary people who just want to have fun should have to suffer just because someone thinks it’s fun to violate.”

Thanks to this liberal approach, rapes have increased 1,472 percent in Sweden and 1 in 4 women is predicted to be raped. Sadly, liberals will allow innocent women and children to continue to suffer the effects of their multiculturalism simply because they refuse to acknowledge that their policies fail every time. Although common sense tells us that appeasing a violent and oppressive ideology will only give its adherents more power to brutalize, the left continues to perpetuate the notion that tolerating the intolerant will somehow magically convince them to be peaceable.

Instead, their event played out exactly like their immigration policy does. Liberals welcomed in Muslim migrants, and they were met with hostility, misogyny, and violence. The concert portrays the liberal agenda on a much smaller scale, and yet, it still carries the same repercussions that are impacting the West.

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