Liberals Cry For 2 Thugs Who Didn’t Get A “Warning” Before Victim Delivered Brutal Justice

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Liberals on social media are having a crying fit after two armed thugs from Southern California walked into a liquor store with their guns drawn and didn’t receive a “warning” from their intended victim before he delivered a brutal dose of instant justice.

Screenshot of the live footage from the crime scene (background), Whittier Police Department Investigator looking back after seeing suspect’s dead body (inset) (Photo Credits: Facebook/Fox11)

According to local news source KTLA, a shocking robbery attempt took place at approximately 10 p.m. on Monday, November 6, 2017, at Bottle House Liquor in Whittier, California. Whittier police said that two armed thugs walked into the store with their guns already drawn. The clever cashier, working the register that night, didn’t wait to find out what their intentions were.

Now, liberals are having a meltdown because the cashier didn’t ask the two armed men if they were just casually shopping with their guns drawn that evening or were, in fact, there to rob him. Instead, the cashier produced his own handgun and opened fire on the two thugs without warning, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The two would-be robbers could not have been more wrong about their decision to victimize an innocent store clerk that evening. The police said that as the clerk opened fire on the two suspects, at least one of them started shooting back in an exchange of gunfire.

Perhaps the second thug wasn’t shooting back because he was already laying on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound inflicted by the fed-up cashier. According to police, one of the suspects died on the floor of the liquor store, and the other was able to escape and remains at large.

Because the shooting is still under investigation, the Whittier Police Department has not yet released the identity of the dead suspect or the suspect still at large. Surveillance video from the store’s security cameras could help identify the two men, but it has not been released to the public as of now. News of the attempted robbery quickly spread on social media, and here are a few of the responses from liberals on Facebook who are crying for the dead thug.

Veronica Acosta Lopez wrote, “WoW BOTTLE HOUSE IN WHITTIER Clerk shoots & killed 1 of 2 individuals who he THOUGHT might be attempting to rob the liquor store. He ASSUMED they might rob him, I think he panicked.” I think Veronica needs to work the counter at a liquor store for a week and see if she “panics” when two armed thugs walk in late at night.

Another user named Joaquin Soto posed the question, “So they didn’t rob it? Dude just thought they might wanna rob it? WTF?” Seriously, Joaquin? Should the clerk have asked if they were there to buy lightbulbs? In my opinion, he had every right to shoot first. Joaquin followed his first stupid comment with another. “He needs to go to jail,” Joaquin wrote, not referring to the suspect at large but the cashier.

To top it all off, a user named Ahmad Abdelbaqi, who was arguing with other Facebook users, said, “it happened a lot that ppl like that man turned their life away with a good deed! Trust me it did happen you can look it up and see yourself! They need guidance, not bullets! Why can’t we just understand that!” The stupidity of some people just astounds me. Did he believe this guidance should happen after the cashier was left dead?

It is not reasonable to ask law-abiding citizens to put their lives on the line by pausing to give a warning when someone has obvious ill intentions. These thugs already had their guns drawn. Any procrastination on the part of the cashier could have cost him his life. That’s not something we should ask of the innocent. The life of a thug, making deadly threats, does not trump the life of a citizen who just wants to protect their property and their person.

The clerk who works at that store is just happy to be going home to his family every night. Sadly, none of the morons who feel bad for the dead thug would care to even comment if the employee of the store were shot to death. Leave it to a bunch of bleeding-heart liberals to cry for the devil. Perhaps they would feel differently if it were their own family member who worked at the store and had gun-toting thugs showing up at the place.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. A cashier in Whittier, California, is alive and well because he understood that his personal safety is primarily his own responsibility. He should be given a medal for removing a violent thug from the streets and saving taxpayers a fortune in free room and board costs.

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