Liberals FREAK OUT When They See What Badass Eatery Owner Hid On Receipt

After putting in his order at a local fast food restaurant, a bored man decided to take another peek at his receipt. However, things would take a turn after he saw what the badass owner of the establishment had been putting on every single one for quite some time – and it has liberals everywhere freaking out.

There’s no arguing that 2016 was the year of the snowflake as whining, entitled brats came out of the woodwork to complain about everything that “offended” them. However, it seems that a new dawn is upon us with the election of Donald Trump. Chicken Express – a fast food restaurant — has set out to prove that to everyone who walks through their doors.

As it turns out, a man named Mike decided he was a bit hungry and headed down to the eatery in Shreveport, Louisiana for a bite to eat. However, he was a bit perplexed after being handed the receipt and saw what was printed across the bottom.

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Posted by Cold Dead Hands on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Clearly seen in a picture being shared around social media, the clever owner had placed the Second Amendment across the bottom meaning that it was on every single receipt that was printed. Essentially every single person who walked through those doors got an involuntary dose of freedom whether they liked it or not.

Making matters even better, that isn’t the best thing about this badass eatery either. In fact, several reports have circulated in the past about Chicken Express as they openly welcome people who legally carry a concealed weapon and even gave out free food once for those who had and were willing to show their pistol permits.

Liberals FREAK OUT When They See What Badass Eatery Owner Hid On Receipt
Stock images of Chicken Express

Freedom is making a comeback in this country and liberals are shaking in their boots. Although they like to pretend that Donald Trump is the tyrant here, there is only one party that has been slowly chipping away at the rights of Americans throughout the existence of America. Fortunately, that’s over for at least the next 4 years – hopefully longer with any luck.

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