Liberals Furious As Photo Of Trump In WH Goes Viral, Horrified To See What’s Behind Him

Libs Furious As Pic Of Trump In WH Goes Viral, Horrified When They See What’s Behind Him
Stock image of crying liberal (left), President Donald Trump (center and right)

A photograph of President Donald Trump is going viral, and of course, the left isn’t happy about it. However, it’s not so much his popularity that is bothering them but rather what’s seen behind him in the Oval Office – and it’s left them downright horrified.

Trump is a man of his word. We’ve witnessed examples of this countless times. Whether it be campaign promises or admissions about his personal life, he’s already proven himself to be among the most honest people in Washington, D.C.

Of course, the left likes to make the man out to be the worst thing since Adolf Hitler or even Satan himself, but that just isn’t the case. In fact, that was made abundantly clear after what just took place in the White House recently that has caused an incredible image to go almost immediately viral.

Trump has long claimed to be a Christian, despite the left claiming otherwise – but he just put that nonsense to rest. According to Young Conservatives, the photo in question was captured during a meeting with members of The Office of Public Liaison, and when you see it, you can understand why it has the left in a tizzy.

Yesterday was very surreal for @ahowardbrowne & I. 30 years ago we came from South Africa to America as missionaries….

Posted by Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It seems that there were a few additional folks in attendance with a slew of Christian pastors and evangelical leaders there as well. As would be explained, the best part came as Evangelical Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne and his wife, Adonica, led a prayer for our country, the White House, and President Donald Trump himself.

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence can be seen closing their eyes and bowing their heads in the solemn moment.

The group were invited to pray with Trump during a meeting with members of The Office of Public Liaison.

Others pictured included Jack Graham, the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, and Michele Bachmann, the former Republican congresswoman from Minnesota. [Source: Mail Online]

Mr. Howard-Browne, who is from South Africa but came to America in 1987 after a “calling from God,” later described the moment on social media. “Yesterday I was asked by Pastor Paula White-Cain to pray over our 45th President – what a humbling moment standing in the Oval Office – laying hands and praying for our President – Supernatural Wisdom, Guidance, and Protection – who could ever even imagine – wow – we are going to see another great spiritual awakening,” he wrote.

Unfortunately, not everyone was so pleased as the left took the opportunity to moan and complain. Citing an infringement on religious freedom and a president that favors Christianity, well, you can imagine what the liberal response looked like:

Of course, when they were showed this, there were only crickets:

It just goes to show that you really can’t fix stupidity and hypocrisy here in America. The left is too blinded by hate to see the simple truth standing in front of them. This country is in desperate need of Christ after having gone without Him for so long. It’s nice to have a man in office that not only acknowledges this but is willing to put his money where his mouth is despite the political backlash.

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