WATCH: Liberals Furious To See ‘Ominous Gesture’ Trump Flashed In World Leader’s Face

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WATCH: Libs Furious As They Catch ‘Ominous Gesture’ Trump Flashed In World Leader's Face
President Donald Trump (left, right), Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni (center)

While in the company of other world leaders, President Donald Trump seemed to be rather comfortable. However, enraged liberals are saying he was a little too laid back after they claim to have caught him casually flashing around an “ominous gesture” – and they say they know exactly what it means.

The incident actually took place last week during the G7 summit in Taormina, Sicily, but it has only begun to go viral as liberals just recently caught the moment while reviewing videos and decided to share it on social media. As it turns out, Trump was seated in close proximity to Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and, as the left would have you believe, had something to get off his chest.

As can be seen in the video shared to Twitter by a “tolerant” progressive, Trump appears to flash a rather obscene gesture in the direction of the fellow leader. Although it may look like a simple head scratch to most people, you can rest assured knowing that the left is confident that the President of the United States was actually flipping the bird, Bipartisan Report claims.

Yes, you read that right. Liberals have most recently stooped to an entirely new level of stupidity and pettiness by saying that Trump intentional flipped off a head of state. As if the initial claim wasn’t obnoxious enough, other leftists were quick to use the opportunity to bash Trump over his alleged childish, obnoxious, and outrageous use of his middle finger.

Of course, they say he did it in a way that wouldn’t draw too much attention to himself and made sure that it could be easily explained away if it came up. Sadly, that’s not where the pathetic conspiracy theory ends as they also say Trump’s smirk just after flipping the bird is proof enough to show that he knew exactly what he was doing at the time.

According to liberal logic, Barack Obama was giving the finger to all Americans when he wiped away fake tears.

As for anyone not suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS), well, it looked like Trump was merely scratching his head. For those unaware, TDS is a term used to describe the obsessive need that liberals have to find any little thing wrong with everything Trump does – even if there was nothing wrong or former presidents did it in the past with no resistance.

Ironically, all that is needed to debunk this theory is a pair of eyes. As seen in the clip, Trump was talking with everyone nearby and smiling before he satisfied the subtle itch. In fact, another, longer version of the clip shows him saying “good job” to someone just before and greeting another person immediately after.

When it comes down to it, the left is trying a little too hard to make President Donald Trump look bad at every turn. Even worse, the only thing they’re doing is making themselves look bad by making things up that can clearly be proven otherwise by using just a few brain cells.

The left is desperate to see Trump burn and, in the end, that will be their downfall. Should the need come one day down the road when they have a legitimate concern, the entire country will be so sick of hearing them whine that they won’t care what the entitled brats are crying about this time. You ever hear of the boy that cried wolf? Well, it’s kind of like that – just with pathetic and desperate adults instead.