Liberals Irate As New Photo Of ‘KKK’ Surfaces, There’s Just 1 Big Problem

The liberal media will do just about anything to create divisive and false narratives, especially when it comes to the “racist” right. We are always warned about fake news, but what one outlet just did is ridiculous. A photo was published by a news outlet of “KKK” members walking the streets that immediately made liberal blood boil, but not long after it surfaced, people started to realize there was one major problem with the photo.

Pissed off Liberal protester (left) Ku Klux Klan member (right) (Stock photos for visual representation only, Credit: screen grab/YouTube, screen grab/YouTube)

A story surfaced last week about students in Iowa who got expelled for taking a picture of themselves dressed in white robes, similar to the KKK, and waving a Confederate flag while burning crosses. Liberals instantly became irate without realizing there was just one problem with the story.

When Yahoo News decided to report on the racist incident at the high school in Iowa, one reporter rushed the process a little too much. Instead of putting a picture of the actual Ku Klux Klan in the article, the writer put a picture of Catholics participating in a traditional celebration during Holy Week. 

A screenshot of the Yahoo! News article in question (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Yahoo! News)

As seen above, Yahoo used a photo of robed penitents at a Catholic Easter parade to demonstrate “people wearing white robes and hoods reminiscent of the Klu (sic) Klux Klan.” Apparently, no one at Yahoo has any depth of knowledge regarding history, and perhaps if they don’t know that the first K in KKK stands for Ku not Klu, they really shouldn’t be writing about it. This journalist really couldn’t have gotten things more wrong if they tried.

“The article’s photo depicts Catholics participating in a typical procession celebrating Holy Week in Naples, Italy in which the participating penitents wear long robes and pointed hats called capirotes. The subject of the article, however, has nothing to do with Catholicism, It is instead about an Iowa school that expelled five students after discovering a photo of them adorned in the robes of the anti-Catholic KKK and standing next to a burning cross while waving a Confederate flag.” [Source: The Daily Caller]

The author, who was obviously too busy to find a real photo of the KKK, is claiming the robes worn by Catholics during a time of faithful celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is somehow “reminiscent” to the anti-Catholic KKK. An ignorant decision by the author to associate an Easter celebration with white supremacy was a stupid move, to say the least, but sadly, the ever so gullible left bought it. Of course, it is not surprising that liberals would believe such nonsense — as soon as they see something potentially “racist” they all jump on it, and slamming Christianity is an added bonus for the left.

We would never expect the left to do their research on any news or be able to recognize the difference between a holy religion and a racist cult. As Young Cons said when they reported the embarrassing mistake, it is proof that no one at Yahoo has any idea about human history. These people who are supposed to be bringing us news are ruining the one job they have.

If the left wants to pretend to be intellectually superior, then they need to start doing their research. All too often, their nonsense is so easily debunked if people just take the time to look into it before getting their panties in a wad. We know it would kill leftists to admit the liberal media was wrong and that they believed it. Sadly, these hate-filled idiots will believe whatever is thrown in front of them, no matter how ridiculous it looks, and offering a correction or the truth doesn’t seem to be their forte.

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