Liberals Demand Mayor Remove ‘Offensive’ Christmas Display, Shocked At His 7-Word Reply

After liberals saw a simple Christmas display in the city hall, they immediately contacted the mayor’s office and demanded that he have the insensitive scene removed because it’s offensive to other cultures. However, they were absolutely shocked when the fiery mayor replied with 7 brilliant, politically-incorrect words.

Liberals Demand Mayor Remove 'Offensive' Christmas Display, Shocked At His 7-Word Reply
After offended liberals demanded a Christmas display’s removal from the Béziers City Hall for being insensitive to other cultures, Mayor Robert Ménard had an unbelievably unexpected response. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Screenshot/YouTube)

As the West continues to import millions of migrants who despise our values and freedoms, their leftist allies relentlessly call for submission to these regressive cultures in the name of tolerance. Eventually, we see our own culture and heritage eroding before our very eyes as these oppressive ideologies are promoted above our own.

Of course, one aspect of Western culture is Christianity, which has ushered in the progressive liberties and equality exceptional to our countries today. Disturbingly, it is Christianity’s inherently peaceful and tolerant fundamentals that are allowing the fascist left and its allies to attack and eradicate its existence at every turn. Fortunately, there are still courageous crusaders who refuse to stand idly by and passively accept defeat.

French Mayor Robert Ménard, who has been nicknamed the “populist” mayor because of his determination to represent the people, has a history of offending liberals in the most satisfyingly politically-incorrect ways. Making a career out of defying the socialistic left and combatting Islam’s migratory conquest of Europe, Ménard continues to gain international support for his proactive conservative policies.

So, when liberals attacked a yearly Nativity scene erected at the Béziers City Hall, Ménard wasn’t about to allow the intolerant bigots to ruin the Christmas spirit of the vast majority of citizens. Knowing that he couldn’t merely use his own Christian beliefs to protect the Nativity from being taken down, Ménard concocted a brilliant plan to beat liberals at their own game.

French newspaper L’Express reports that after overly-sensitive liberals demanded the city hall Nativity scene be removed for being offensive to minority cultures, Mayor Ménard used their own argument against them to protect the display, firmly replying, “We will never yield on our culture!”

Liberals Demand Mayor Remove 'Offensive' Christmas Display, Shocked At His 7-Word Reply
Ménard unhesitantly rejected the demand to remove the politically-incorrect Nativity scene (pictured) in the city hall, boldly exclaiming, “We will never yield on our culture!” (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

In a genius move, Ménard used the same tactic that liberals often invoke, charging that their attack on the Christmas display is a bigoted assault on French culture and the majority’s values. The wise mayor then took to Twitter to express his outrage over the incessant leftist incursion against the Christian majority, who have a rich and long heritage of celebrating their culture and values through displays like the Nativity.

“They will try to ban our #crèche (Nativity) of 2017, 2018 and up to 2030. We will never yield on our culture!” he posted on Twitter.

“I am respectful of secularism, but an open, tolerant secularism that does not consist in chasing down what we are and denying our history,” he added to his previous sentiment in a column for his former magazine Boulevard Voltaire.

Ménard has not only defied the tiny minority of people who want the Nativity gone but a 2016 court decision in which the French administrative court of appeals of Marseille ruled that the scene has no place in a city hall. Despite this, Ménard has risked legal action to once again erect the display depicting the birth of Christ. However, Ménard’s carefully worded response may very well be the key to getting around the ruling.

By cleverly declaring the Nativity scene a work of “culture,” Ménard has likely invoked a loophole in the previous court ruling. According to the judgment, displays in government and public facilities are allowed if “special circumstances show that the installation is of a cultural, artistic, or festive nature,” Breitbart reports.

Still, the controversial mayor is no stranger to defying an overreaching government. In April 2017, Ménard shocked the liberal media by brazenly calling out the migrant problem, confirming that areas with a high Muslim population are the most intolerant to other faiths and races.

“In one of the classrooms in my town center, 91 percent of children are Muslim. Obviously, this is a problem. There are limits to tolerance,” Menard said in an interview, according to BBC News. He added that Muslims are performing hijrah, the religious command to overtake non-Muslim nations through childbirth, adding that the West is witnessing the “great replacement.”

For citing this statistic, Ménard was convicted of “incitement to hatred and discrimination” and sentenced to pay $3,275 in fees and court costs. Incredibly, when questioned about the ruling, Ménard doubled down on his comments, shunning political correctness by reminding offended listeners that “it’s a fact.”

In 2015, Ménard rocked headlines after personally confronting illegal Syrian migrants for trespassing on private property. The Mayor arrived at an apartment complex, demanding that the squatters evacuate the premises for trespassing, destroying property, and stealing from the taxpayers.

“You are not welcome in this town. You came in this apartment breaking the door,” said the 62-year-old mayor in a video recording. “You are stealing the water. People are paying for the water, but you are stealing electricity and water. I’m saying it again: you are not welcome in this town.”

Ménard embodies the boldness and defiance that the Christian majority must summon to combat the threat of liberalism and Islam, which seek to eradicate the freedoms and tolerance that are exceptional to the West. If the West doesn’t want to end up like any of the other countries destroyed by years of socialism and Sharia law, it’s high time they start fighting back.

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