Liberals Mocked Relentlessly After Sharing The ‘Scary’ Modification Being Made To Rifles

To promote gun control in the wake of the Texas church mass shooting, USA Today published a short clip that showed how the atheist shooter’s firearm could be modified. However, as soon as viewers saw one of the “possible modifications” that liberals were panicking over, utterly hilarious mocking over their stupidity ensued.

Liberals Mocked Relentlessly After Sharing The 'Scary' Modification Being Made To Rifles
After producing a video of “possible modifications” to the Ruger AR-556, USA Today and panicked liberals were relentlessly mocked over one of their most feared tactical additions. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/USA Today, Screenshot/YouTube)

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, the left immediately seizes the opportunity to politicize the tragedy in their efforts toward gun control. Never one to waste a good crisis, the liberal media has once again attempted to spin the latest mass shooting carried out by one of their own in order to hypocritically point the finger at the NRA, Republicans, and every law-abiding gun owner in the United States.

In a pathetically shameful attempt at fearmongering and vilifying those who support the Second Amendment, left-leaning USA Today uploaded a simplistic and laughable video to Twitter, showcasing the modifications that could be made to the same firearm used by liberal atheist terrorist Devin Patrick Kelley. The responses that followed were far from disappointing.

The video, which Breitbart fittingly describes as “part of the establishment media’s concerted effort to demonize AR-15s,” suggests that they can be altered to create “all-out war machines.” The clip begins by labeling basic parts of the rifle, which anyone with a very limited knowledge of firearms could do, before referring to several “possible modifications.”

One such modification included a “chainsaw bayonet,” which rendered an elementary animation of the yard tool fitted to the gun with tweet captioned, “A look at the gun used in the Texas church shooting.” It was then that the mocking of the liberal outlet’s assinine theory commenced with brutal elegance.

One Twitter user cleverly pointed out the outlet’s blatant scare tactics, asking if the shooter’s rifle contained a modification that involved a particular gun-chainsaw inception.

The same user continued picking at the left’s irrational fear of guns, attaching a Star Wars-style lightsaber on the same rifle as yet another “possible modification.”

Another Twitter user uploaded a photo of their rifle with a pizza cutter at the base for maximum efficiency not in kills but around the kitchen.

Yet another commenter pointed out that the deadliest of “possible modifications” would be the utilization of Planned Parenthood, which ends the lives of over 329,000 unborn children each year. Not just murderous but also racist, Planned Parenthood focuses on thinning out minorities, as more than 36 percent of abortions are performed on blacks who only account for 13 percent of the overall population.

USA Today‘s Twitter account was inundated with mocking responses so quickly that they were forced to issue a statement an hour later, clarifying that “the shooter did not use a chainsaw bayonet” but that the video was merely intended to show “other possible modifications.” Still, educated citizens refused to let the alt-left news outlet off the hook so easily.

The Washington Examiner published a collection of popular Twitter responses, which included “modifications” such as the Star Wars Death Star, a great white shark, Chuck Norris, and avocados spread on toast. Of course, the satirical responses were meant to show that any modification is possible when considering the limitlessness of liberal fantasy.

Sadly, USA Today has proven once again that it is fake news. By portraying an unofficial “modification” as a legitimate tactical adaptation, they not only hoped to biasedly gain support for the anti-Second Amendment campaign but showcased their ignorance on the subject.

Liberal outlets prove each day why American citizens feel they cannot trust the mainstream media. They have given weight to the term “fake news” and deliberately ignore their viewers’ concerns in favor of their personal opinions. It’s no wonder the left continues losing elections and the support of the American people.

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