Liberals Just Gave Muslim Refugee Facebook Live Rapists Disgusting ‘Gift’

Liberals Just Gave Muslim Refugee Facebook Live Rapists Disgusting 'Gift'
After 3 Muslim refugees live-streamed their gang-rape (left & center), Swedish liberals decided to give them a sickening reward. (Photo source: Sputnik News, The Independent)

After 3 men uploaded a live-streaming video to Facebook of themselves brutally gang-raping a young woman, there ensued an international outcry for justice for the traumatized victim. However, shortly after the infamous trial began, bleeding-heart liberals granted the devious rapists a special gift that marks a new low even for leftists.

In January 2017, social media users were horrified to stumble upon a live feed that captured 3 Muslim refugees participating in the rape of a Swedish woman in Uppsala. The first 2 men, who took turns raping their victim, are Afghan asylum seekers aged 18 and 21. The third man, who streamed the heinous acts and cheered on the rapists, is a 25-year-old Iranian migrant.

Although each of their crimes was recorded and presented before the court in what should’ve been a swift trial ending in harsh sentencing, the incompetent liberals in charge have not only let down the traumatized victim but announced that they’ll be awarding the rapists with something they only seem to give to the most debauched of Muslim migrants.

All 3 criminal migrants will not only be spared deportation back to their Islamic countries, they will also only be sentenced to mere months in prison for the abduction, gang-rape, and distribution of illegal sex acts. Swedish news outlet Fria Tider reports that the 2 rapists will not receive more than 3 years in prison, and the third criminal, who filmed and distributed the rape video, will likely be sentenced to less than a year.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the case is that the migrant rapists could’ve been sentenced to deportation but the prosecutor, who is supposed to be defending the rape victim, withdrew his request to have the men extradited, according to Breitbart. Because of this, the victim will be forced to encounter her rapists on the streets of Uppsala in a matter of months.

The district court argued that the 25-year-old Iranian was protected from deportation because he had recently attained Swedish citizenship. However, the court has the authority to revoke his citizenship but decided against it.

The 25-year-old who filmed the rape was charged with slander, which carries a 12-month sentence at most. As expected, many are outraged at the light charges and were quick to point out the authorities’ incompetence.

“One year for filming a rape and distributing it??? Slander??? LOL!!!! What about not helping the rape victim???? Hey, Sweden: you’re done!!!!!” one reader responded.

“And just three years for rape? Three? Presumably they’ll be out after an 18 month stay in some holiday camp where they’ll be waited on hand and foot, primed and ready to just rinse and rapeat,” wrote another.

The trial, which began in March, ended on Tuesday. Now, it is the district court’s duty to hand out sentences. Of course, many expect even the most insignificant punishments to be appealed by the migrants, as is the case with most migrant trials.

Unfortunately, this injustice is nothing new. Indeed, Sweden has a penchant for sparing Muslim migrants proper punishments in the name of multiculturalism and liberal tolerance.

In April 2017, a judge in Falun refused to deport a pair of 37-year-old and 36-year-old Syrian rapists because they have families in Sweden and it would be “contrary to the best interests of children.” The asylum seekers drugged, kidnapped, and choked a woman until she nearly died while raping her for hours. They received just 6 years in prison but are expected to appeal their sentences.

In October 2016, a 26-year-old Eritrean migrant was sentenced to just 3 years in prison for repeatedly raping and torturing a woman. The man, who impregnated the woman, poured boiling coffee on her chest, punched, and kicked her until she was unable to fight back. Although the court heard these disturbing details, it is considering allowing the man’s wife and 2 children to move to Sweden to live on welfare with him.

In the same month, Swedish police freed 5 migrants who had raped a wheelchair-bound woman because they believed there was no “probable cause” that they had committed a crime since there were no “violence or threats.” Essentially, they deemed the handicapped woman a willing participant in a 5-man gang-rape. The case was so outrageous, over 100 angry Swedes stormed the local police station demanding the men be rearrested and appropriately charged.

Although we assure ourselves that this type of brutality and injustice would never happen here, Sweden’s conservatives believed the same. Now, 1 in 4 women is predicted to be raped as the country has earned the title “rape capital of the West.” If we don’t want this plague disguised as multiculturalism to overtake our own country, we must stand against this tolerance of the intolerable before it’s too late.

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