White Liberals Help Muslim Refugee Family Move In, Horrified By Sick Way They’re ‘Repaid’

White Liberals Help Muslim Refugee Family Move In, Horrified By Sick Way They're 'Repaid'
After helping a Syrian family (center and right) move into their neighborhood, white liberal Canadians were shocked by the brutal way they and their children (left) were repaid. (Photo source: YouTube)

When a tolerant liberal family heard that Syrian refugees were moving in next door, they generously offered gifts and welcomed them into the neighborhood. However, soon after the asylum seekers had settled, their white liberal neighbors were so horrified by how they were “repaid” that they built a literal wall around their home.

No matter how steadfastly we sound the alarm, liberals refuse to accept that Muslim refugees are not merely migrating to integrate and coexist but to conquer. Placing their emotions above logic, the left desperately wants to believe that if we appease the ceaseless flow of migrants, they will love and respect us. Unfortunately, it often takes living out the brutal reality for themselves to realize that we are at war with this totalitarian ideology.

When a liberal Canadian family welcomed in a Syrian refugee family to their Hamilton, Ontario, neighborhood, they whole-heartedly believed the left’s propaganda that the asylum seekers simply want acceptance and equality. Around a year ago, the Canadians embraced this family. Soon, that loving embrace turned into the fetal position as the Canadians discovered that no amount of alliance and appeasement can save them from Islamic supremacy.

In an exclusive interview with Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy, an eye-witness identified only as Andrea, explained how the liberal utopia quickly unfolded after a Syrian family moved in next door. Although the neighborhood had chipped in and purchased bicycles, furniture, and garden supplies for the newly arrived Syrians, things took a sinister turn when the refugee family began violating their hosts’ private property and eventually assaulting white children.

Andrea told Rebel Media that she rushed outside after hearing a commotion only to discover that local children were being stoned by the Syrian family. She recalled the refugee boys hurling concrete chunks and bricks at the white children in a horrifying display of racism.

Andrea explained that she first saw the eldest refugee child, who is 16, trying to beat one of the children’s fathers with what appeared to be a broken shovel. All of the other Syrian children had brandished bricks and were throwing them at the Canadians. She told Goldy that the most shocking aspect was when she spotted the Syrian mother coming out of the house, picking up a brick, and hurling it at one of the white children. The victim was a 13-year-old boy who fortunately escaped alive with only an injury to his leg.

The child, who is no relation to Andrea, confirmed her testimony. Incredibly, police have refused to press charges and make arrests despite many witnesses agreeing that the Syrian mother injured the child.

The victim’s father, who did not want to be named, admitted that this incident is just one of many violent and terrifying ordeals caused by the refugee family. He and others have reported the refugee boys chasing their own children down the alleyway wielding hammers and “sticks with nails in them.” Witnesses say that nearly all play among the refugee children involves the destruction of property and physical violence.

Since local authorities are refusing to arrest the refugee lawbreakers, the victim’s father was forced to raise his fence and erect an additional concrete barrier around his home for fear of his children’s safety. The barrier is similar to the ones built by Israel and now London in response to the escalation of Islamic terror attacks involving vehicles careening into pedestrians. The Rebel Media did not inquire as to the purpose for these concrete cylinders.

The Syrian family ultimately confessed that their children were throwing bricks at the neighbors but vehemently denied that the mother did the same. Despite living on the taxpayers’ dime, the Syrian parents blasted their gracious Canadian hosts, admitting that “the best is Lebanon and Syria,” although they didn’t explain why they won’t return.

Others have complained that the Syrian family has violated their properties and often leaves their violent children unsupervised even though neither of the parents has a job. The Canadians now believe that the neighborhood is too unsafe to allow their own children to play outside alone.

Because Canada is appeasing the intolerant, supremacist ideology that is Islam, they are seeing this aggressive religion overtaking all others. If Canadians do not utilize what liberties they have left to combat the Islamization of their country, they will continue to see brutality, racism, religious persecution, and terrorism until their Muslim abusers outpower them.

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