ALERT: Liberals Enact New Tax… And It’s Meant Specifically For White People

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ALERT: Libs Enact New Tax… And It’s Meant Specifically For White People
Stock image of black woman laughing (left), Ed Murray (right)

We are living in some pretty crazy times, and a few elected Democrats have just gone to prove that to be the undeniable case. As it turns out, liberals just passed a bill that enacted a brand new tax – and the worst part comes as it’s specifically meant to target white people.

There are a few simple truths in life, and perhaps the one seen playing out the most these days is the fact that more government equals less freedom. With politicians seeking to take more from the American people while further stuffing their own pockets, the reality of corruption is crystal clear.

However, it seems that even with President Donald Trump in office, liberals are still using what little power they have left to put the hurt on the American people. In fact, Democrats in Seattle, Washington, demonstrated just that by putting yet another tax on constituents – and this one was meant to impose their political agenda whether citizens agreed with it or not.

According to The Gateway Pundit, “The idiotic mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, has changed the rules of his ‘soda tax’ to include diet soft drinks instead of only sugary soft drinks.” However, the reason behind it has quite a few people up in arms.

ALERT: Libs Enact New Tax… And It’s Meant Specifically For White People
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As Murray would later explain, Democrats decided to expand the law “because wealthier white people drink more diet drinks.” Although it started out as a tax simply on heavily sugared drinks, it was changed when a few entitled brats started to complain:

Mayor Ed Murray’s soda-tax legislation led to criticism it was unfair because white and affluent people tend to drink more diet drinks. The mayor’s revised proposal lowers the tax rate slightly and adds diet soda.

The changes were recommendations that emerged when staff from the mayor’s office and the office of Councilmember Tim Burgess studied disparate impacts the tax could have on people with low incomes and on people of color, according to Murray.

That work involved conversations with community advocates, public-health professionals and business owners, according to the mayor. After Murray’s initial announcement, some suggested the exclusion of beverages with artificial sweeteners would be unfair because affluent white people tend to consume more diet drinks. [Source: The Seattle Times]

Of course, he’s since caved to public leftist outrage and changed his “soda tax” to incorporate more that the original “problematic” sugary drinks in order to specifically target white people. In all, he’s hoping to leech an additional $16 million more per year from taxpayers this way.

For those unaware, the tax was decided upon for a variety of reasons. For one, they were hoping to discourage the consumption of the unhealthy drinks or, at least, reduce it. Furthermore, thinking as Democrats always do, they sought to earn an extra income and direct it where they saw fit – in this case, to fund education for minorities.

So, in short, Murray sought to take money from white people to give it to minorities, but his plan backfired when wealthy white people weren’t drinking the sugary soda. In turn, the mayor changed his tax when his staff told him that it would disproportionately affect minorities, who have higher soda consumption rates than white people. Of course, this means that he made sure to target white people by including diet sodas and get the money he wanted from them in what many perceive to be an act of reparation.

I have a feeling that certain other races would be very upset if a politician was using his power to target their race. However, because it’s just “whitey,” well, it doesn’t really matter and is actually applauded. Racism doesn’t exclude any race. When you discriminate against a race simply because of the color of their skin, it’s racism – period.

Democrats and liberals need to take a look in the mirror. You don’t get to call for equality when you’re the first ones making sure that some people get an advantage over others, especially when it’s based on things such as skin color.