Liberals Plan Inauguration Protest, Didn’t Count On Who Else Is Showing Up

As if the chaotic tantrum-style protests in multiple cities haven’t been enough to convince us how butthurt liberals are over the election, now they have a scheme that they hope will really throw a wrench into the works of making America great again. Apparently, the precious snowflakes are staging a massive event to disrupt Inauguration Day, but when they hear who else is going, their plans will likely melt away.

It wasn’t too surprising when Hillary Clinton supporters took to the streets after she lost the election to make themselves as much of an annoyance as possible in order to let the rest of the world know that they’re pissed off that they didn’t get their way. It wasn’t a shock to witness their infantile behavior because we’ve been witnessing similar displays from the everyone-gets-a-trophy crowd for the past eight years.

Ironically, what the precious little snowflakes still haven’t grasped is that it was their own actions over that period of time that strongly contributed to Donald Trump’s victory. Instead of acknowledging that their approach at getting people to sway their way was flawed, they’ve decided to double down and increase the conflict and negativity.

A plan is in the works to take the protests in the streets to a much higher level. A hashtag movement is being organized called #DisruptJ20, which is calling for anti-Trumpers from across America to descend on our nation’s capital and do whatever it takes to disrupt the inauguration.

Screenshot of “Call To Action” post on the DisruptJ20 website.

Frankly, rational Americans are sick of this kind of nonsense, and after being labeled with every nasty name the liberals could come up with for simply disagreeing with President Obama’s or Hillary Clinton’s policies, we’ve grown a thick skin and also developed an understanding that “we” aren’t the bulk of the problem. However, we may have underestimated the depth of the hatred that the left’s followers have been programmed to feel toward their fellow Americans.

Now, they want to “mobilize” to disrupt President-elect Trump’s inauguration. Will they use violence and destruction as a means to express their displeasure as they’ve done over the past two weeks? Will they take it even further and carry out attacks on patriotic Americans and their families who go to watch Trump be inaugurated? The concern is that, yes, they will.

According to FOX News, metro D.C. police are already planning how to handle the tens of thousands of expected anti-Trump protesters, but there are still worries that it may not be enough to protect innocent Americans. However, all may not yet be lost for those Trump supporters who plan to attend his inauguration.

Do you remember, during the Republican National Convention (RNC), when tens of thousands of bikers rode to Cleveland, Ohio to voluntarily assist law enforcement in successfully keeping trouble makers at bay? That same group of patriotic, truly peace-loving motorcycle riders is planning to do the same in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day. Yes, Bikers For Trump will ride again.

It was estimated that some 100,000 Bikers For Trump showed up in Cleveland for the RNC and were very helpful in keeping the peace around the convention in spite of the multiple threats of violence. There is no doubt that they will, in even greater numbers, strive to do the same in D.C. on Inauguration Day. According to a published post, details for the ride will be released on December, 2nd.

Screenshot of Bikers for Trump 2016 announcement of upcoming plans for their ride to the Trump/Pence inauguration in Washington, D.C.

The trouble-makers and violent agitators, who are looking forward to causing problems on the day that our next president will be sworn in, might want to think twice about making the trip. It’s not likely they will be able to handle the thunder that’s headed their way. So, #DisruptJ20 snowflakes, consider your plans to be melted.

[h/t The Blacksphere]

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