Liberals Protest ICE As Agency Breaks Up Horrible Criminal Ring

Do you want proof that liberals hate law and order? Here it is! This video shows liberals protesting ICE, even as the law enforcement agency is breaking up a terrible criminal ring that was going on right in this liberal neighborhood.

Liberals once again prove they are the party of lawlessness. (Photo Credit: ICE/Flickr, Screenshot/YouTube)

In recent weeks, the leftist attacks on ICE have become more and more severe. Now, we have prominent liberals calling for the abolishment of this agency. Why? Is ICE harming people or breaking the law? Nope! It is the only law enforcement agency whose sole purpose is to enforce our immigration laws.

I guess we can’t have that! Democrats don’t believe in law and order, after all. They desperately need to hold onto their illegal immigrant population. So the one group dedicated to deporting them obviously has to go.

These scumbags don’t seem to care about how illegal immigration hurts American citizens. Or how the broken system allows drug cartels, human smugglers, and sex traffickers entry into the United States. Countless lives are hurt, thanks to illegal immigration. Democrats don’t care one bit. They are even attacking good men and women who put their lives on the line to keep them safe.

It’s all par for the course, for a party that hates America.

In the wake of the most recent ICE protests, a video has resurfaced. A group of liberals was protesting an ICE raid that was going on in their neighborhood. They even brought out signs and insulted the officers. The only problem? ICE was there to bust up a child sex ring. Hmm… I guess those liberals didn’t mind how children were being harmed.

As Democratic politicians’ calls for the abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) grow intensely loud, a video of liberals protesting the agency as they break up a child sex-trafficking ring has resurfaced online.

CBS San Francisco reported in August of 2017 that federal agents served a search warrant on a Guatemalan immigrant family home in Oakland in connection with an ​investigation concerning the sex trafficking of juveniles. The human trafficking operation was later confirmed by authorities.

Amazingly, as ICE officers were literally breaking up the child prostitution operation, they were being protested against by liberal neighbors who demonized the agency and advocated for the “rights” of illegal immigrants.

Oakland is designated a “sanctuary city” for illegals. [Source: Daily Wire]

I mean, talk about a bunch of dirtbags. These liberals couldn’t wait to protest hard-working law enforcement. They didn’t even bother to stop to find out why they were even in their neighborhood.

Let’s be honest: even if ICE was rounding up illegals to deport, these people had no right to protest. Illegal immigrants are breaking the law. It is ICE’s job to take them in. But in this case, ICE was breaking up a horrible ring that abused children. And these liberal dummies were attacking them.

We also have to question how these “kind” and “compassionate” neighbors had no idea what was going on right in their neighborhood. Oh, you want to protect your illegal buddies? How did you not know children were being prostituted right next door? These leftists go on and on about immigrant “rights.” They don’t even care that children were being raped.

Seems like their priorities are a little… out of whack.

Even after neighbors were informed that the raid was about sex-trafficking and not immigration, the ICE-bashing continued, notes The Federalist. “ICE is not welcome in this country. H.S. is not welcome,” said one neighbor. “I don’t support what they do. I think it is a blasphemy.”

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is apparently the “future” of the Democrat Party, has called for the abolition of ICE. Following suit, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), and other prominent Democrats have made similar demands. Senator Warren, for example, said ICE must be replaced “with something that reflects our values.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Lol, yes. It’s really blasphemy to enforce a country’s laws. It’s also blasphemy to deport people who knowingly ignored our immigration rules. Such blasphemy.

Don’t believe a word that con artists like Warren and Harris say. ICE exists to enforce our immigration laws. When they say they want a group that “reflects our values,” that’s code for: “a group that will look the other way.” They don’t want illegals deported. They don’t even want legal immigrants. They want to continue to exploit the situation as it is today.

Liberals have lost touch with Americans. They don’t care about what we care about. They only maintain power through conning illegal immigrants. Their demand to abolish ICE only prove they are lawless. It’s about time they were all voted out of office.

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