Liberals Force City To Remove Christmas Cross, Angry Locals Have Other Plans

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After a small group of liberals demanded the removal of a Christmas cross, city administrators took the display down. However, once citizens saw that the cross was gone, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

After leftists forced Ozark city officials to remove a Christmas cross display, locals decided to take action. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

When it comes to public displays, there is bound to be at least one individual in every community who feels personally offended by its presence. Of course, as the left moves farther away from the moderate center, the most offended minority is granted the most privilege, especially when it comes to the Christian majority.

Expectedly, this phenomenon of indignation politics is infiltrating conservative cities in the Midwest, threatening to transform the traditional Christian atmosphere into the more fascistic domains of the far-left nanny states. Fortunately, many are realizing this political plot and are rising up against it.

The complaint of one “concerned city resident” forced officials to announce that the cross would be removed from the Finley River Park holiday exhibit. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

After a “concerned city resident” contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), complaining about a large lighted cross that has been displayed in Ozark, Missouri, for the last 2 decades, the city was threatened with legal action. Hoping to avoid a lawsuit, city administrators chose to remove the decoration from the Finley River Park holiday exhibition, which runs from November 9 to January 1.

However, just after city officials announced on December 11 that the cross would come down, fed-up residents decided to show their elected leaders who really is in charge. Refusing to let the offended minority once again prohibit their peaceful traditions, Ozark residents flooded the local government with “hundreds” of calls, emails, texts and other messages demanding they leave the Christmas cross where it stands, according to the Springfield News-Leaders.

After “hundreds” of calls, Ozark Mayor Rick announced that the cross will not be taken down. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

Hours after the city’s decision was broadcast, Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner announced that officials have re-evaluated the ruling to remove the cross.

The mayor wrote, “The cross is NOT down and will be lighted tonight. We have heard your thoughts and agree with them. We are now assessing all our options for addressing this situation. Stay tuned.”

Gardner explained that the community is in an uproar over the display’s removal, adding that a small group of offended individuals shouldn’t rule the masses.

“Everybody wants it up,” Gardner said. “One lady is crying. This is part of Ozark. This is Christian County, for Pete’s sake.”

Gardner also noted, “This is a complicated constitutional issue. It’s sure not going to be solved by the peoples’ court.”

Hundreds of residents are protesting the pending decision to remove the cross. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

Initially, city officials stated that the decision to ban the cross was made as to avoid a lawsuit they “will not win,” pointing to other cities that have “tried this and lost.” However, the mayor soon halted the ruling, revealing that he and the elected board of aldermen may implement the will of the people, The Blaze reports. 

City Administrator Steve Childers reinforced the mayor’s claim, stating that “people are rather upset about it.” Childers added that fighting a lawsuit could prove financially devastating for the city but reiterated that residents are mostly in favor of the display.

“We’re a growing community and we’re becoming more diverse,” Childers said. “Obviously, people have different beliefs about holidays.”

City Administrator Steve Childers confirmed that the community does not want the cross to come down. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

The community of Ozark continues to battle against a few offended individuals and their determination to enforce atheistic principles. Although they have argued that they are for religious neutrality, their demands are nothing short of enforcement of their own atheistic beliefs upon the religious majority.

The case has spurred vigorous debate, as one side insists that government must remain non-religious while others point out that democracy is being squashed by a tyrannical minority. For now, the cross still stands, but the final decision remains to be seen.

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